Ed Casper is a pretty ordinary guy, really. He has worked in the music, real estate and insurance industries for many years. But why did he get involved in politics and the Legislature? In a word, football. You see, Ed is a football fan; specifically a Cardinals and NFL fan. He simply got tired of sweating profusely at Cardinals games; and when the opportunity came to get a new stadium built for the team, he wanted to do what he could to make it happen. So… down to the Legislature where the issue had to be referred to the ballot. Ed knew nothing about the legislative process, but jumped in anyway. Through that experience, he learned about how an average person can be heard and get things done. By the way, the bill passed each house of the legislature by ONE vote. The referendum barely won and the University of Phoenix Stadium has been built.

Ed is not a professional lobbyist but a regular citizen like most people who belong to AU. But he has taken the time and made the effort to let legislators and other elected officials know where he stands on issues while maintaining good relationships with those he agrees and, more importantly, disagrees with. He will give a simple overview of how a bill becomes law and some common sense pointers he’s learned over the years about issue advocacy.

An average person can make a difference.