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Church State Issues

Aug22031Finish - Make request for public records
Apr192015It's time we put religion back into our institutions.
Apr182015Woman Fined For Feeding The Homeless
Apr162015ACLU threatens to sue county attorney over gay adoption
Apr162015Will Montgomery treat same-sex marriage as...marriage?
Apr152015El Salvador jails women for miscarriages and stillbirths
Apr152015Suit to purge 'under God' from pledge is over
Apr142015Others ignoring your beliefs doesn't make you a victim
Apr142015Who needs education when we have frivolous laws?
Apr920152 Tenn. panels say 'amen' to Bible as official state book
Apr82015County attorney refuses adoption help to Arizona gay couple
Apr62015We promise to be way less preachy then a GOP Congressman
Apr52015Easter Cross erected on Tempe government property
Apr32015Keep your religion out of my life
Apr22015I won't lie to patients, even if the law tells me to
Mar312015Ducey signs abortion medication legislation
Mar312015Ducey: bring on the 'voodoo' anti-abortion medicine
Mar312015Hundreds march against S.F. archbishop’s 'morality clauses’
Mar272015Arizona bill would allow liquor sales closer to schools
Mar272015Arizona Elected officials mix govenrment and religion in the House of Represenatives
Mar262015Sen. Allen would make church mandatory. God help us.
Mar252015Churches win rental tax break with Ducey approval
Mar252015License plate slogans: Allow any or none
Mar242015Does your license plate speak for you or your state?
Mar232015Saudi Justice, Harsh but Able to Spare the Sword
Mar212015California proposal to legalize killing gays hard to stop
Mar212015Guy Mikkelsen would love to turn Arizona into a Catholic Theocracy????
Mar212015Horror, and Some Support, After Afghanistan Killing
Mar192015Abortion Queen Cathi Herrod Is Back With Another Sick Piece of Legislation
Mar192015The biblical argument against flex loans - In a secular government?
Mar182015Sen. Nancy Barto wants to prevent woman from getting abortions???
Mar162015Arizona judges can't do only opposite-sex marriages
Mar132015Arizona panel OKs health-plan restriction on abortion
Mar72015Cathi Herrod's religion shouldn't be law
Mar32015Jessica’s Law sex offender buffer zone struck down
Mar32015Same-sex marriage: Why people really oppose it
Mar22015Turley-Hansen: America’s demise comes from within
Feb282015Lobbyist Herrod: Religious freedom law 'may be needed'
Feb272015Religion, the workplace and the Supreme Court
Feb262015The paradox of a government that cavalierly kills people but prevents assisted suicide
Feb232015NYC, Orthodox Jews in talks over ritual after herpes cases
Feb222015Saudi effort to promote open society abroad in tatters
Feb192015Are you making a mistake raising your kids without religion?
Feb172015A new reason to support California's 'death with dignity' bill
Feb122015Arizona Senate committee approves abortion restrictions
Feb122015Does Wisconsin Gov. Walker believe in evolution???
Feb122015Ducey seeks Christian group's aid on child welfare
Feb122015Montana lawmaker says yoga pants should be illegal
Feb102015How fringe religions find followers behind bars
Feb92015SF Bay area cop suspended after theft of gun by Reno prostitute
Feb72015Oregon judge: Upskirt photos of teen at store not illegal
Feb42015Governor Ducey Headlining Center for Arizona Policy Shindig
Feb12015In Egypt, atheists considered a 'dangerous development'
Feb12015Tempe pastor calls for killing gays to end AIDS
Jan302015Churches could see tax-free rent under legislation
Jan292015A bipartisan fail over claims there was a 300 percent increase in ‘escort’ ads
Jan292015Alabama appeals decision blocking ban on same-sex marriage
Jan282015Kavanagh proposes do-not-robocall list
Jan272015Phoenix transgender activist's conviction in prostitution case thrown out
Jan272015The influence of science and reason on moral progress
Jan262015Under Islamic State, life in Mosul, Iraq, turns grim
Jan252015Phoenix Police - Prostitutes that accept Jesus get out of jail!!!
Jan252015Republicans hate gays!!!!
Jan23201510 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures???
Jan23201515,000 cases of Arizona child porn, most uninvestigated
Jan232015Legalizing gay marriage should be easy
Jan222015Arizona government founded on principles of the Christian Bible???
Jan222015Mike Huckabee: ‘God’s blessing’ will make me president to stop the atheist ‘secular theocracy’
Jan2120156 years in prison for having consensual sex with a 17 year old girl???
Jan212015LA City Council bans free speech about liquor???
Jan192015Islam isn't the only religion creating monsters
Jan152015Pope on Charlie Hebdo: There are limits to free expression
Jan142015Frosty fatwa: Saudi cleric bans snowmen
Jan132015Former highest-ranking U.S. cardinal blames ‘feminization’ for the Catholic Church’s problems
Jan122015U.S. Supreme Court appears to favor Gilbert church over sign law
Jan112015David Gowan R-Sierra Vista, Arizona is a Christian theocracy that is based on the Bible.???
Jan112015No photos allowed in the US Congress???
Jan112015Supreme Court faced gay rights decision in 1958 over 'obscene' magazine
Jan112015Want to protect free speech? Push back harder
Jan112015Watchdog reporting is one of The Republic's priorities
Jan102015AG Mark Brnovich wants to send people to prison for looking at dirty pictures!!!
Jan102015The biggest threat to French free speech isn’t terrorism. It’s the government.
Jan92015Fareed Zakaria: Blasphemy and the law of fanatics
Jan72015Jeb Bush education foundation played leading role in mixing politics, policy
Jan72015Muslims murder French cartoonists for mocking Islam
Jan6201520 years in prison for consensual sex???
Jan62015Cathi Herrod's big nanny-state problem
Jan12015Mixing government and religion in Pasadena!!!!
Jan12015Resident defies Ohio deadline on 'Zombie Nativity'
Dec292014Mixing religion and government in Utah???
Dec22201413 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures????
Dec152014What a shock. Arizona Legislature loses abortion battle
Dec122014Religion in America: Good without God?
Dec112014Teacher resigns because student calls Jesus "Fictional"
Dec82014Mixing religion and government in Tempe, Arizona
Dec72014Mixing government and religion at Arizona State University in Tempe???
Dec72014Patriotic Americans have the right not to believe in any God
Dec72014Was ASU protecting victims' names or breaking the law?
Dec52014Utah man charged for sunbathing nude in his yard
Dec32014Mixing government and religion in Tempe Schools???
Dec22014State holds off on enforcement of 'revenge porn' bill
Dec12014Justices weigh limits of free speech over Internet
Nov292014Illegally Mixing Religion & Government in Tempe, Arizona
Nov292014Kyrsten Sinema wants to involved Federal cops in local prostitution crimes.
Nov282014Downtown Chandler's Tumbleweed Tree nearly finished
Nov252014Phoenix transgender activist continues prostitution appeal
Nov242014Iran releases woman who tried to attend men's volleyball game
Nov242014Schools to axe religious holidays?
Nov212014Mixing government and religion at the Chandler Senor Center
Nov192014Judge reserves ruling on 'under God' pledge suit
Nov182014finish - split into 2 articles
Nov182014finish - split into 2 articles
Nov152014Sikh student sues Army over religious 'Catch-22' in ROTC enlistment
Nov122014Gilbert Public Schools censors employee emails
Nov122014State improperly targets abortion-rights advocate
Nov72014Stop demonizing teen sexting. In most cases, it’s completely harmless.
Nov52014Valley Metro mixing government and religion with this ad???
Nov42014Vatican criticizes Brittany Maynard suicide
Nov32014Hey, Gilbert, there's another option to censorship
Nov32014I'm ashamed of my overprotective school board
Nov32014Instead of editing textbook, can't teachers explain?
Nov32014Instead of editing textbook, can't teachers explain?
Nov32014Missouri cops use FAA to keep media from reporting on police during riots????
Nov22014Houston mayor drops bid to subpoena pastors' sermons
Nov12014Judge refuses to stop blocking access to Jodi Arias trial
Oct312014Chandler Gilbert Community College mixes government and religion???
Oct312014If voting principles is dumb, I'm a proud dumbo
Oct312014Mixing religion and government in schools in Gilbert, Arizona
Oct302014Trinity Donovan & Chandler government forces religion on city employees???
Oct302014Chandler Gilbert Community College mixing government and religion
Oct302014Gilbert schools to edit 'abortion' section of textbook
Oct302014Looking at "dirty pictures" is NOT a crime
Oct272014Iran hangs woman for killing alleged rapist
Oct232014Memo to clerks: You can object to gay marriage
Oct202014Chandler Christian Community Center bus in Chandler Fire Department parking lot
Oct202014Chandler Christian Community Center bus or van
Oct202014Chandler Fire Department mixing religion and government
Oct202014Guilt by association campaign against Judge Herrod
Oct192014Reactions to same-sex marriage in Arizona
Oct182014Arizona gay marriage: Couples get married, celebrate
Oct182014finish - false arrest
Oct162014Buckeye gives $42K to 7 non-profits
Oct162014Estado Islámico justifica secuestro y esclavitud sexual de mujeres
Oct162014F.B.I. Director Calls ‘Dark’ Devices a Hindrance to Crime Solving
Oct162014Judge Michael Herrod is married to Cathi Herrod
Oct152014Peoria may ban some people from political process
Oct132014America does NOT have a Christian government
Oct132014Scottsdale to appeal sign-walker ruling
Oct132014Some Mormons pushing church on gay marriage
Oct132014Why can't Arizona allow dignified, painless deaths?
Oct92014“Bathroom Cops” Arresting Men in Public Bathrooms
Oct82014Republican Doug Ducey is a big fan of Christian nut job Cathi Herrod
Oct72014Is a prisoner's beard dangerous?
Oct72014Keep religious spats out of public schools???
Oct52014Mormon leader outlines opposition to gay marriage
Oct42014In Texas, an undue burden on women seeking abortions
Oct42014Religious symbols in classroom stir dispute in Peoria schools
Sep302014Lesbian couple denied homecoming bid at Surprise school
Sep302014Same sex marriages, marijuana? Don't think about it, do what you're told???
Sep272014Using taxes to flush the 1st Amendemnt down the toilet????
Sep242014Changing Hands, others sue over Arizona 'revenge porn' law
Sep172014Flagstaff continues to run homeless people out of town????
Sep162014Pearce's welfare remarks cost him GOP job
Sep162014Russell Pearce, the reckless cowboy
Sep152014Texas textbooks are inaccurate, biased and politicized
Sep132014Missouri enacts 72-hour abortion waiting period
Sep132014Teen May Get 2 Years For Pic Of Fake Oral Sex With Jesus
Sep122014ACLU, Islamic groups protest anti-terror training
Sep112014No 1st Amendment rights in third party canidates1111
Sep102014Atheist must swear to God -- or leave US Air Force
Sep102014Public records laws don't have any teeth in Arizona
Sep82014Is justice system lenient on underage solicitation?
Aug312014Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer turns Arizona into a Christian theocracy???
Aug302014Blasphemy is a crime in Arizona???
Aug232014A lame excuse to flush the 1st Amendment down the toilet in Phoenix
Aug212014"False doctrine of the separation of church and state" - Pastor David Friend
Aug202014Has Trinity Donovan turned the city of Chandler into a Christian Theocracy???
Aug192014Trinity Donovan - Chandler Christian Community Center
Aug172014Chiropractic Abuse An Insider's Lament
Aug112014Federal watchdog site needs a watchdog
Aug102014Condoms for porn actors: A statewide law isn't the answer
Aug102014LAPD detective gets jail, must resign for fondling massage workers
Aug102014Valley police arrest 150 'Johns' during operation focused on sex trade
Aug92014Women stoned to death in Syria for adultery
Aug82014Charges, 'predator' tag protested in Arizona sting arrests
Aug62014If same-sex marriage is OK, why not polygamy?
Aug62014Phoenix transgender activist appeals prostitution-related conviction
Aug32014Judge denies request for info on dead MCSO deputy
Aug32014What if: Court allows same-sex marriage in Arizona?
Aug220141st Amendment null and void in your doctors office???
Aug22014Arizona inmate injected 15 times, records show
Aug22014Court to decide if sign-walkers allowed in Scottsdale
Aug22014Sue Sisley fired for speaking the truth????
Jul312014Christine Jones Republican candidate for Arizona Governor
Jul302014Constitution??? We don't have to obey the Constitution!!!!!
Jul302014Horne seeks void of block on abortion drug regulations
Jul302014Sheriff arrested in case involving prostitute
Jul292014Debunking the White House’s Reefer Madness Reaction to the NY Times editorial
Jul282014Can Andrew Thomas get elected???? Ev Mechan did!!!! Same for Hitler!!!!
Jul282014NYPD Detained Muslim Men for Planning to ‘Prepare Rice’
Jul262014First Amendment now null and void in Arizona??? No nude photos of ex on web???
Jul262014Kevorkian knew how to do this death thing
Jul252014For some same-sex couples, breaking up is hard to do
Jul252014NSA wants to read ALL of our emails????
Jul252014School in Mesa may face lawsuit over textbooks
Jul252014Songs for Freedom Fighters? Tom Petty
Jul242014Religious police pose as hot horney 14 year olds?????
Jul222014Gilbert church receives a sign from (close to) heaven
Jul192014Andrew Thomas launches first gubernatorial TV ad
Jul192014Pornograhy in the city of Chandler Art store????
Jul182014Former Army sex-crimes prosecutor reprimanded
Jul182014Legalizing prostitution reduces rape???
Jul172014Tempe prostitution sting nets 16 arrests
Jul162014Smith: Don't be fleeced by opponents' border promises
Jul142014Chandler Police - People with tattoos don't have 1st Amendment rights????
Jul142014Mesa charter school teaches religion, group says
Jul142014NSA tracked email accounts of leading Muslim Americans, report says
Jul132014Hobby Lobby decision a narrow win for liberty
Jul92014N.S.A. Records Detail Surveillance of American Muslim Leaders
Jul92014Police want photos of a teenager's "hardon"????
Jul42014Supreme Court sides with Christian college in birth control case
Jul22014No 1st Amendment rights in American colleges?????
Jul22014Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case
Jul120142 journalists sue Oakland police over tickets
Jul12014Oakland website to shame pimps, johns
Jul12014The "War on Drugs" is a religious problem, not a "government problem"???
Jul12014The outrageous tale of a 5-year-old's "sexual misconduc"
Jun302014Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby in contraceptive case
Jun282014What Your Cell Phone Can’t Tell the Police
Jun272014Homeland Security havs evolved into the "religious police"???
Jun252014America’s stupidest criminal laws
Jun252014Supreme Court says police must get warrants for most cellphone searches
Jun242014Free military weapons making Arizona police more aggressive
Jun232014No First Amendment rights for people with tattoos????
Jun212014Horne seeks dissolution of police department in Colorado City
Jun202014Audit seeks investigation of inmate sterilizations
Jun202014Pope Francis warns on 'evil' of drugs, opposes legalization
Jun19201430 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures.
Jun192014Gilbert police officer crashes vehicle into church
Jun122014Rick Perry likens homosexuality to alcoholism
Jun112014Government laws against victimless crimes, cause REAL crimes
Jun112014The DEA: Four Decades of Impeding and Rejecting Science
Jun92014More failed logic from columnist Linda Turley-Hansen
Jun92014Phoenix and ASU mix government and religion in Projce Rose
Jun72014Interfaith group forms to address police violence
Jun62014Cops arrest man for looking at dirty pictures
Jun62014Porn, prostitutes among recent military scandals
Jun52014Arizona's abortion law a return to the dark ages
Jun42014Appeals Court to continue blocking Arizona abortion law
May272014Supreme Court says Secret Service agents are immune in Bush protest lawsuit
May272014West Valley police battle prescription-drug abuse 'crisis'
May262014Muslims and the N.Y.P.D.
May262014Narconon: Misleading antidrug program back in public schools
May252014Board wants to remove low-risk sex offenders from registry
May222014DOJ reverses no-recording policy for interrogations
May222014Police chief among dozens tied to child porn
May212014Lawmakers shouldn't force same-sex views
May212014Mesa High School treats teenage moms as second class citizens???
May212014Pakistan’s Tyranny of Blasphemy
May162014Battle over booze waged on private land within reservation
May152014Phoenix "eruv" or "eruvin" project
May152014Scottsdale "eruv" or "eruvin" project
May152014Tax dollars for a religious "eruv" or "eruvin" project in Chandler???
May142014finish - Tempe, Arizona is a Christian Religious Theocracy????
May142014I want my gay child to be able to marry!!!!
May142014Tempe school board moves on new sex-ed curriculum
May132014Are registered sex offenders perverts and rapists????
May122014It's wrong to kill an American without a trial
May112014L.A. councilwoman targets sex trade in her Valley district
May112014New York Police Recruit Muslims to Be Informers
May102014Satanic inmate sues Reno jail for religious meals
May92014Phoenix can't trash 1st Amendment rights of gun owners!!
May8201427 felonies for consensual sex????
May82014A huge loss for "Separation of Church and State"
May82014City Council member - Jesus says to pray in private
May72014Gang-raped Indonesian woman may be caned publicly
May62014Ex-NYPD cop sprayed anti-Semitic graffiti
May62014Prayer ruling: Freedom of religion, not from it
May62014Religious leaders support diversity of prayer
May52014Supreme Court upholds legislative prayer at council meetings
May52014Using war to mix government and religion????
May2201418 year old busted for having sex with 17 year old girl friend
May220142 middle school students charged in 'sexting,'
May22014Entire family to got to prison for growing medical marijuana???
May22014Maryland police department to live-tweet prostitution sting
May22014Southeast Valley judge explains adult laws to kiddies
May12014AU Member James Woods running for US Congress
Apr302014Cops pretend to be horny young girls who want to have sex with older men???
Apr302014Voter ID Is the Real Fraud
Apr292014Child porn charges filed against ex-state Rep. Farnham
Apr292014Court ruling doesn't apply to police ministers in Sheriff Joe's Gulag????
Apr292014Massive church in China demolished; officials cite permit issue
Apr282014It's OK to mix government and religion for a good cause????
Apr282014Medicaid ruling: The ends don't justify the means
Apr272014Americans of all faiths celebrate day of prayer
Apr272014Federal government stonewalls requests for public records
Apr272014Free government religious food?????
Apr272014New Arizona law used to jail people accused of being mentally ill
Apr272014Theologicial Studies & Catholic Studies at ASU???
Apr272014Uncensored naked women in the city of Chandler's Art store!!!!!!!
Apr262014Arizona DPS cracking down on distracted drivers
Apr252014Constitutional Rights - Something the police don't think exist?????
Apr252014Sample craft spirits at new Chandler festival
Apr252014Sheriff Joe arrests m,an for dreaming about having sex with a horse???
Apr252014Teen Disciplined For Carrying Purse Filled With Feminine Products
Apr252014Tempe Police officers entrap older men into having sex with 15 year olds????
Apr242014Is the First Amendment null and void at ASU???
Apr242014Sri Lanka to deport tourist with Buddha tattoo
Apr232014'Dispute' almost led to fiery death for Galileo
Apr232014Gov. Brewer signs bill to curb human trafficking
Apr232014NYC - Only criminals have condoms????
Apr222014Arizona Supreme Court: Pot metabolite doesn't prove DUI
Apr222014Man convicted of humping a BART subway seat????
Apr222014Plight of child abuse suspect Shanesha Taylor tugs at public's heart
Apr222014Pornography in the City of Chandler Art Store????
Apr212014No atheist license plates for Shannon Morgan
Apr182014Demands That Jews Register in Eastern Ukraine Are Denounced, and Denied
Apr182014Legislative watchdog wants ethics laws with teeth
Apr182014Mayor Jim Fouts' Irrational Stance Against Atheists
Apr182014Texas seizes FLDS Ranch of Warren Jeffs
Apr172014NYPD - Muslims are criminals and terrorists???
Apr162014Gov. Brewer signs bill on abortion-clinic inspections
Apr162014Greg Allen: Is, Was God dead in America?
Apr162014Indonesian governor wants to stop adultery with prayer
Apr162014Marijuana destroys your brain - truth or government propaganda????
Apr152014FBI breached lawyer-client privacy in terrorism case, defense says
Apr142014Crook Charles H Keating, who owned 5 US Senators dies
Apr142014EJ Montini - "Our political system is rigged"
Apr142014Obama Lets N.S.A. Exploit Some Internet Flaws, Officials Say
Apr122014Transgender woman is convicted of prostitution-related charge
Apr102014Profiling Rules Said to Give F.B.I. Tactical Leeway
Apr102014Senate approves bill that allows unannounced inspections of abortion clinics
Apr102014Snap inspections are approved for abortion clinics
Apr102014Stay on abortion pill ban to last at least six more weeks
Apr82014Medical-pot advocates launch recall effort vs. Sen. Yee
Apr82014Sexting is a religious crime in America?????
Apr42014Cathi Herrod's Evil Anti-Gay Juggernaut
Apr42014Chandler City Council censors Marty Klein's web page
Apr42014Chandler Public Library censors Dr. Marty Klein's web page!!!!
Apr42014Phoenix New Times - Cathi Herrod Evil Genius???
Apr32014170 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures
Apr22014Medication abortion restrictions to take effect Tuesday morning
Mar292014Feds to pay phone companies to illegally spy on American citizens???
Mar292014NSA to contract out it's criminal activities to private firms???
Mar292014Obama to shift spying from NSA to phone companies.
Mar292014Pakistani Gets Death Penalty for Blasphemy
Mar292014Police Officer Truthfulness and the Brady Decision
Mar292014Ruling allows for use of medical marijuana extracts in sodas, candies and lollipops
Mar292014Senate considers hiring 3rd parties to violate your Constitutional rights.
Mar252014Ruling allows for use of medical marijuana extracts in sodas, candies and lollipops
Mar242014Zander Welton gets his Medical Marijuana
Mar232014In Airport Screening, Body Language Is Faulted as a Behavior Sleuth
Mar232014It ain't rape if you have a gun and badge
Mar222014A list of corrupt cops that can't be fired??? "Law Enforcement Integrity Database" - "Brady List"
Mar222014Cathi Herrod and her Center for Arizona Policy lose the SB 1062 battle
Mar222014Hawaii law lets police have sex with prostitutes
Mar222014Independent voters now out number both Republicans and Democrats in Arizona.
Mar222014New Jersey Muslims to appeal dismissal of lawsuit over New York police surveillance
Mar222014Ordinance would give Clark County control over Strip newsracks
Mar222014Salvation Army uses tax dollars to push Christian religion!!!!!!
Mar222014Your 1st Amendment rights are null and void when near the President???
Mar162014Mixing government and religion in Utah!!!
Mar15201425 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures????
Mar152014ACLU asks judge to block law banning race-, gender-based abortions
Mar152014Activists Call on Legislators to Cut Ties With the Center for Arizona Policy
Mar152014Arizona is a Christian theocracy and Cathi Herrod is our governor?????
Mar152014Brewer staff helped work on SB 1062
Mar152014Center for Arizona Policy uses primary system to advocate for principles in state Legislature
Mar152014Democrats Call on Doug Ducey to Fire Cathi Herrod as One of His Policy Advisers
Mar152014Expert: U.S. near ‘crisis’ of secrecy
Mar152014Iraq Child Marriage Bill Would Allow Girls To Wed, Severely Limit Women's Rights
Mar152014Letter: Why do our Reps. waste our time?
Mar152014Marge Thornton is right. Government is controlled by special interest groups
Mar152014Musulmanes africanos piden pena de muerte a homosexuales
Mar152014Other Christian laws Cathi Herrod is bringing to Arizona
Mar152014Religious freedom vs. gay rights. What’s happening in 10 states
Mar152014SB 1062 Protesters Demand Apology From Lobbyist Cathi Herrod
Mar152014When American Christian evangelicals export hate not love
Mar112014Jan Brewer is working with Cathi Herrod to turn Arizona into a Christian theocracy????
Mar102014Center for Arizona Policy uses primary system to advocate for principles in state Legislature
Mar92014Arizona senators still don’t back gay marriage
Mar92014Religious college Grand Canyon University gets half billion in Federal government aid???
Mar92014With panhandlers, police officers must walk a fine line
Mar82014Arizona sued over rules limiting abortion-drug use
Mar82014‘Religious freedom’ bill days away from vote in Mississippi
Mar82014Former MCSO posse member arrested on child porn charges
Mar82014Group asks Supreme Court to allow Calif. cross
Mar82014Lawmakers ban 'upskirt' photos a day after ruling
Mar82014Looking at dirty pictures will get you 1,710 years in prison????
Mar82014Man arrested on suspicion of taking upskirt pictures at Tempe Target
Mar82014Political puppeteer Cathi Herrod still pulling legislators strings
Mar82014Scottsdale teacher arrested on sex exploitation charges
Mar22014Arizona making it difficult for women to get abortions???
Mar22014Cathi Herrod turning Arizona into a Christian Theocracy 1 day at a time
Mar22014Center for Arizona Policy turning Arizona into a Christian theocracy one day at a time
Mar22014No tax dollars for Trail Life USA - They are a new version of the Boy Scouts
Mar120143 GOP senators who voted for SB 1062 asking Brewer to veto bill
Mar12014A law to allow government bureaucrats to discriminate against gays???
Mar12014Another law (like SB1062) that costs us
Mar12014Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne hates gays????
Mar12014Arizona uses religion as a shield for bigotry
Mar12014Bill would let agencies charge hourly rate to fetch records
Mar12014Bill would stymie transparency
Mar12014Center for Arizona Policy uses primary system to advocate for principles in state Legislature
Mar12014Ciudades donde vestir ´provocativamente´ está prohibido
Mar12014Court: School can ban U.S. flag shirts for safety
Mar12014Fatwa forbids Muslims from traveling to Mars
Mar12014Gov. Brewer signs elections-overhaul repeal
Mar12014Gov. Brewer: Save AZ from crazys
Mar12014Homophobic government bureaucrats can refuse to perform gay marriages???
Mar12014How would you govern? Candidates weigh in on controversial bill
Mar12014National firestorm around legislation surprising to some
Mar12014One victory over unholy tyranny
Mar12014Prohíben a los musulmanes viajar a Marte
Mar12014SB 1062 a rare defeat for Herrod and CAP
Mar12014SB 1062 Uproar: Can Arizona Democrats Capitalize on It in November?
Mar12014SB 1062: Why oh why is it always Arizona?
Mar12014Spotlight of SB 1062 swings to new bill
Mar12014Valley churchgoers react to controversial SB 1062
Mar12014What’s the deal with Arizona?
Mar12014Who says Arizona isn't a Christian Theocracy????
Feb282014Cathi Harrod is outta here
Feb232014Justice issues new rules for seizing reporter records
Feb222014Arizona Legislature OKs religion bill; on way to Gov. Brewer
Feb222014Mexican Christian Party????
Feb222014Nacer con marca de Partido Cristiano
Feb222014New York claims Muslim surveillance warranted
Feb222014Prayer out of place at meeting
Feb222014Religious Right in Arizona Cheers Bill Allowing Businesses to Refuse to Serve Gays
Feb222014SB 1062 forcing Brewer to consider issues tied to faith, discrimination
Feb222014Utah mom buys all of store's 'indecent' T-shirt
Feb162014Another religious law to take away a woman's right to an abortion???
Feb162014In Utah, many want to pull down 'Zion Curtain' drinking laws
Feb162014Scottsdale - F*ck the First Amendment - We can't allow just anybody to says just anything!!!!!
Feb152014'Choose Life' license plates in N.C. ruled unconstitutional
Feb152014ASU and Catholic college University of Mary mixing religion and govenrment
Feb152014Drug policy must change in U.S., Europe -Uruguay president
Feb152014Firefighter's arrest on drug and sex offenses shocks colleagues, community
Feb152014God Bless America painting on US Post Office in Chandler, Arizona
Feb152014Legislature mulls Grand Canyon University tax cut
Feb152014Medicaid expansion enters legal chaos zone
Feb152014No abortion right for women in South Dakota????
Feb152014Prayer returns to Mesa schools meetings
Feb152014Senate bill pursues midwife restrictions
Feb152014Should the Sheriff have to approve your church visit???
Feb152014The First Amendment doesn't apply to large corporations??
Feb152014Why can only REGISTERED VOTERS leave comments???
Feb102014Legislature mulls Grand Canyon University tax cut
Feb82014Claims filed vs. LDS Church in U.K.
Feb82014New Saudi counterterrorism law alarms activists
Feb82014Saudi TV presenter jailed for 12 years
Feb82014UN committee blasts Vatican on sex abuse, abortion
Feb22014Linda Turley-Hansen wants the government to force her brand of Christianity on the rest of us????
Feb12014Countries where marijuana is legal
Feb12014Gilbert schools’ governing board reinstates prayer before meetings
Feb12014Law will limit uses of abortion drug, could make procedure more expensive
Feb12014Países donde el consumo de marihuana es legal
Feb12014School-board prayer: A solution in search of a problem
Feb12014Utah bill on liquor rules targets ‘Zion curtain’
Jan292014Law will limit uses of abortion drug, could make procedure more expensive
Jan292014Revelan detalles de lobby gay vaticano
Jan262014ACLU alleges comically unconstitutional religious harassment in rural Louisiana school
Jan252014ASU students have a constitutional right to be offensive
Jan242014Brit sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy
Jan192014Controversial bill to expand religious protections advances
Jan192014Judge: N.C. abortion provider speech mandate illegal
Jan182014Silly laws passed in Los Angeles causes porn producers to move to Las Vegas!!!!!
Jan162014Prayer returns to Mesa school board
Jan162014U.S. to Expand Rules Limiting Use of Profiling by Federal Agents
Jan142014Nigeria bans gay marriage, gay meetings
Jan52014Proposed law offers religious leaders exemption from conducting gay marriage services
Jan42014Mormon church uses government to force it homophobic views on gays on the rest of us!!!
Jan32014New group opposing Boy Scouts gay youth policy has 2 Arizona units
Jan32014The cross and the Los Angeles County seal
Jan22014Mesa Public Schools Board may reconsider permitting prayer at board meetings
Jan12014Justice delays health law's birth control mandate
Dec252013Países donde ser homosexual es un delito
Dec252013Tempe Messy Yard Cops mixing government and religion????
Sep292013Mississippi Judge abuses Sikh
Sep292013Obamacare will drive you to God????
Sep292013Rabbi leads Glendale City Council’s inaugural prayer
Sep292013Saudi Court Ups Gang-Rape Victim Sentence To 200 Lashes
Sep262013California governor signs bill to deter paparazzi
Sep252013Christian Fliers in Chandler government buildings
Sep242013Collection of 'suspicious activity' reports is challenged
Sep232013ADOT mixing government and religion in Boy Scout project????
Sep232013Mesa mixing government and religion with La Universidad Benedictina
Sep202013Gilbert, Arizona uses Constitution Week to push the Christian religion????
Sep192013Valley cities' prayer policies may face scrutiny
Sep182013Gilbert Constitution Week or Gilbert Theocracy Week????
Sep162013ASU & LDS Institute mixing government and religion????
Sep132013New York claims Muslim surveillance warranted
Sep132013Only journalists have First Amendment rights????
Sep132013Trinity Donovan & Chandler Christian Community Center mixing government & religion???
Sep122013Glendale City Council OKs prayer during meetings
Sep122013Veteran sues for right to have 'infidel' license plate
Sep1120137 years in prison for consensual sex????
Sep112013Volunteer Police Officers mixing religion and government????
Sep92013Journalist Facing Prison Over a Link
Sep82013Chandler Councilwoman Trinity Donovan mixes religion and government
Sep62013Files show NSA cracks, weakens Internet encryption
Sep62013Phoenix spends $75,000 a year on church at Sky Harbor Airport???
Sep42013Mass. court hears Pledge of Allegiance challenge
Aug292013Atheists, Jews, Muslims and Hindus shut up and be tolerant
Aug292013New Jersey government thinks atheists are "offensive"
Aug282013Mixing government and religion in Mesa???
Aug282013NYPD designates mosques as terrorism organizations
Aug272013Ginger Chabot wants to force her prayers on us????
Aug262013Arizona sure sounds like a religious theocracy with laws like these
Aug242013Court forces atheist to participate in religious programs???
Aug232013Gay-To-Straight Program To Be Used In Arizona Schools
Aug222013Heathens don't go to church??? - Arizona Board of Pardons Director
Aug212013Glendale, Arizona city council eyes prayers before meetings
Aug192013Baby Messiah case brings religious right, ACLU together
Aug162013Arpaio says crosses to be put where bodies found
Aug122013Israel/Christian Lobbyists send Kyrsten Sinema on a junket to Israel
Aug122013Tennessee judge says only Jesus can be named the Messiah!!!!
Aug72013Government welfare for religious colleges in Mesa
Aug32013Mississippi law requires cord blood from teen moms
Aug22013"Center for Arizona Policy" shuts down abortions in Arizona???
Jul282013Russia's war on gays is mixing religion and government???
Jul242013Elected officials can't be trusted???
Jul242013Tempe mixes religion and government
Jul222013Dubai pardons woman at center of rape dispute
Jul142013Nigerian Islamic extremist: Burn schools, kill teachers
Jul142013Texas abortion providers fear major shutdowns
Jul62013Mexican land donation to church draws fire
Jul32013'A' Mountain's religious shrine needs to be moved
Jul32013Using government to force religious beliefs on us????
Jul12013Time to support equality in marriage
Jun262013Jesus statue stays - First Amendment null and void????
Jun252013Group seeks to boot Tucson 'A' Mountain shrine
Jun222013Into the mind of ... Erin Ogletree Simpson
Jun212013Libertarians & Republicans team up to allow gay marriage in Arizona???
Jun132013La presidenta municipal de Monterrey "entrega" la ciudad a Dios
Jun132013Monterrey mayor gives city to God
Jun122013Mexican mayor turns over city to God, stirring debate
Jun122013Rep. Trent Franks says pregnancies from rape are rare
Jun1120133 Scottsdale churches poised to become historical properties
Jun92013In 50 years, huge strides for gay-rights movement
Jun72013'Warrentless' inspections of abortion clinics???
Jun72013Free government breakfast & lunch at churches???
May312013Atheists Want Representative Steve Smith to Apologize
May292013Arizona sued over ban on abortions based on sex, race
May272013Republican Rep. Steve Smith - Atheists can't pray????
May272013The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
May262013Atheist Lawmaker Addresses House With His Own Prayer
May262013AZ lawmaker opens session with atheist 'prayer'
May262013Text of atheist prayer given in the Arizona House of Representatives
May232013Should legislative prayers be open to atheists?
May232013Some business owners resist providing employees with contraceptive coverage
May222013Court strikes down Arizona's 20-week abortion ban
May222013Rep. Juan Mendez - I’m an atheist
May222013Texas judge says lesbian couple can’t cohabitate
May202013High court to weigh in on legislative prayers
May182013Egyptians targeted with blasphemy charges
May162013Obama used IRS to terrorize conservative groups???
May142013Florida mayor candidate claims Jesus endorsement
May132013IRS targeted groups critical of government
May112013Bishop David Zubik thinks it should be illegal to criticize the church???
May112013Mixing religion and government on the Hualapai Indian reservation
May82013Judge rules for cheerleaders in Bible banner suit
May72013Men won't let women vote!!!!
May42013Justice Department appealing morning-after pill decision
May42013No First Amendment rights when it comes to taxes????
Apr302013States repealing 'Blue Laws' that ban hunting on Sunday???
Apr182013Texas lawmaker: Colleges shouldn’t discriminate against creationism research
Apr172013Sen. Dennis Guth of Iowa decries acceptance of homosexuality
Apr162013Saudi religious police make it illegal for woman to drive???
Apr132013RNC: Marriage should be between man, woman
Apr1120135 women detained in Israel over prayer shawls at Western Wall
Apr102013Judge Richard Baumgartner loves sex and drugs!!!!!
Apr102013Will Cathi Herrod go to Bisbee?
Apr92013Millions of imaginary constituents complaining about gay marriage???
Apr82013Scottsdale City Council to stamp out prostitution???
Apr72013Horne intenta anular ordenanza
Apr72013Muslims seeking anti-blasphemy law
Apr62013Gay Marriage drives U.S.
Apr42013Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne on the Sanctity of Marriage
Apr42013Saudi Arabia's punishment by paralysis condemned as 'grotesque'
Apr32013Is Tom Horne using Bisbee to launch his re-election bid?
Apr32013Trying to bully Bisbee
Apr22013AG Tom Horne hates gays????
Apr12013Mormon thinks gay marriage should be legal
Apr12013Rivals prepare for legal battle over abortion bans
Mar302013Cathi Herrod uses lies to push her hate towards gays???
Mar292013Cathi Herrod's Procreation idea is weak
Mar282013Lancaster City Council prayers ruled constitutional
Mar272013Column by Cathi Herrod is ironic
Mar272013North Dakota governor signs three laws that limit abortion
Mar262013Cathi Herrod gives some lousy reasons against gay marriage
Mar262013Recall effort launched against Rep. John Kavanagh
Mar252013Cathi Herrod's Center for Arizona Policy hopes Supreme Court will trash gay rights???
Mar252013Crece polémica de "baños transgénero"
Mar252013Rep. John Kavanagh tweaks his homophobic "potty police" law
Mar232013Don’t tear down the wall that separates church and state
Mar232013Washington may require insurance to cover abortions
Mar222013Arizona Legislature is short on ethics rules
Mar222013North Dakota lawmakers move to ban abortion
Mar212013Another law to force us to be good Christians???
Mar202013Lindh lawyer to push for 5 daily group prayers
Mar202013Use the wrong restroom, go to jail???
Mar192013Cathi Herrod wants to make it illegal to use the wrong restroom????
Mar192013Cathi Herrod's potty police????
Mar182013Justice Department wins the Rosemary Award - Again
Mar172013Strikers bills - how our elected officials pull the wool over our eyes
Mar162013Mixing government and religion in Mississippi
Mar162013Women, it's not YOUR body, it's the GOVERNMENT's body!!!!
Mar152013Flagstaff police enforce religious laws???
Mar152013Ohio school moves Jesus portrait at center of suit
Mar142013Pakistani soldier stoned to death over romance
Mar132013No separation of Church and State in Utah - Zion curtain stays up!!!
Mar112013City of Chandler Easter Celebration!!!!!
Mar82013Phoenix Police make radio transmissions secret
Mar72013Arkansas adopts U.S.’s most restrictive abortion law
Mar72013Mixing governent & religion in Chandler - Community Action Program (CAP)
Mar32013Congress - It's secret, you can't sue us!!!!
Mar32013Inmate sues Will County Jail over non-kosher food
Mar12013In Texas, Public School Bible Classes Inch Toward Evangelism
Feb272013Phoenix passes law banning gay discrimination
Feb272013Utah liquor bill aims to take down ‘Zion curtains’
Feb262013Phoenix law would discriminate against Christian, Jews and Muslims???
Feb242013Does this broomstick go with my prison stripes?
Feb212013Tempe to run Jesus freaks off of Mill Avenue???
Feb202013Lawsuit brought by Wiccan inmates revived by appeals court
Feb122013Phoenix government to force you to love your neighbor????
Feb112013Rep. Judy Burges attempting to mix government and religion in Arizona??
Feb102013White House justifies killing Americans if they pose ‘imminent threat'
Feb92013Court approves unconstitutional Gilbert religious sign law
Feb92013New Guinea government is mixing religion and government in witch burning case???
Feb72013Obama doesn't get that First Amendment thing???
Feb62013Ireland regime ran Catholic workhouses of teenage girls
Feb62013Only fundamentalist Christians can be trusted to give us good science information???
Feb42013NYC police defend undercover spying of Muslims
Feb22013Texas Gov. Perry to Scouts: Keep no-gay policy
Feb12013Obama offers faith groups new birth-control rule
Jan252013Judge Frederick Martone tells politicians - You won't be punished for your crimes
Jan232013Mixing religion & government in Colorado City
Jan232013Prayers for Obama, Biden at National Cathedral
Jan232013Supreme Court rejects atheist's appeal over cross
Jan192013Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny is mixing government and religion!!!
Jan172013Beer drinkers and bullies deserve religious freedom too!!!! (humor)
Jan172013Court weighs San Francisco public nudity ban
Jan102013ACLU joins challenge to school’s Jesus portrait
Jan92013Atheist Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema sworn in without Bible
Jan92013White House Petition to label Westboro Baptist Church a ‘hate group’
Jan72013City of Chandler mixing government and religion at Gangplank, Jacob’s Well???
Jan72013Rep. Ruben Gallego uses our tax dollars to buy Easter Baskets????
Jan72013Saudi's top cleric warns against gender mixing as a "dangerous"
Jan12013Christian Grand Canyon University wants a government handout???
Jan12013Federal Employees paid to attend religious events put on by Boy Scouts???
Jan12013Gunmen kill 5 female teachers in Pakistan
Jan12013Simple Things to Protect Your Internet Privacy
Dec302012Catholics use "Natural Law" to spread their hate of gays.
Dec302012Just a few reasonable 1st & 2nd Amendment restrictions
Dec292012Students are free to pray in government or public schools
Dec282012Islamists’ Harsh Justice Is on the Rise in North Mali
Dec232012Federal appeals court rules against Hobby Lobby on contraception
Dec232012Lobby group takes on Center for Arizona Policy
Dec222012Government shouldn't pass laws about sexual orientation
Dec222012The Vatican hates gays????
Dec202012Religious Leaders Push for Gun Control
Dec162012Mesa holds 10th annual Breakfast with Santa Claus
Dec142012Judge Derek Johnson - Rape, it's the Woman's fault???
Dec132012‘Arizona's Christmas City’ violates Constitution
Dec112012Judge bans ‘Choose Life’ license plate in N.C.
Dec72012Shoring up a national house of prayer
Dec62012Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point
Dec62012Tempe says F* the First Amendment and erects 3 Wise Men Monument to Jesus
Dec52012Case puts prayer healing in spotlight
Nov282012Jesus-statue challenge salvaged by atheist
Nov282012Texas out to seize Warren Jeffs’ polygamist ranch
Nov282012What is the War on Christmas?
Nov252012What part of "separation of church and state" doesn't Leon Ceniceros understand???
Nov242012Chandler, Arizona mixes government and religion with a tumbleweed Christmas tree
Nov212012At public meetings, fights over prayer drag on
Nov212012Pastors group defies IRS ban on politics
Nov212012San Francisco bans public nudity
Nov202012Judge rules against mixing religion and government in Santa Monica
Nov202012Pakistan dismisses blasphemy case against Christian girl
Nov182012Battle over atheist's nativity display goes to LA court
Nov152012Minnesota High School Cracks Down on Leggings, Yoga Pants
Nov152012Utah school district sued over restricted access to lesbian family book
Nov122012Gay marriage victories may signal larger shift
Nov122012Iran prosecutor: Blogger died in police custody
Nov122012Love mixing government and religion? Move to Tunisia!!!
Nov102012Christian Right Failed to Sway Voters on Issues
Nov102012Egyptian Islamists rally for Shariah law
Nov102012Vatican digs in after gay marriage advances
Nov72012Gay marriage, marijuana backed in historic votes
Nov72012Two states legalize marijuana, two states legalize gay marriage
Nov42012Bill Montgomery wants to flush a woman's right to have an abortion down the toilet???
Nov42012IRS not enforcing rules on churches, politics
Nov120122012 Presidential Candidate Scorecard
Nov12012Phoenix Diocese uses government to spread their anti-gay hate!!!
Oct312012Egypt weighs whether religion should be law
Oct242012Rape - It's part of Gods plan???
Oct232012N.Y. police informant: Paid for ‘baiting’ Muslims
Oct212012Dozens of states make it hard to get abortions
Oct172012ACLU demands Miss. school stop prayers
Oct172012Texas AG backs cheerleaders in scripture-banner flap
Oct142012Flushing "free speech" down the toilet for "religious freedom"???
Oct102012CAP Now Concerned About People "Touching or Tipping" Strippers
Oct102012Center for Arizona Policy Pathetic Laws Go Into Effect Today
Oct102012Pakistan Erupts in Anger Over Taliban’s Shooting of Schoolgirl
Oct92012Taliban says it shot ‘infidel’ Pakistani teen for advocating girls’ rights
Oct62012Congressman calls evolution lie from 'pit of hell'
Oct62012Europians want to ban free speech when it comes to religion???
Oct52012Algeria at UN: Limit free speech, protect Islam
Oct52012Criminal charges for performing a circumcision threaten religious liberties???
Oct32012Egyptian boys locked up for urinating on Quran
Oct32012San Francisco supervisor wants to ban nudity in the city!
Oct12012IKEA airbrushes out women from its Saudi catalog
Sep292012You must pay to pray, Germany bishops say
Sep252012(Temp) Should prayer be in public meetings?
Sep242012Should prayer be in public meetings?
Sep232012Debate over prayers at public meetings continues
Sep212012Benedictine University dedicates Mesa student services center
Sep152012Government tyrants ban preaching on Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Sep132012Daryl Colvin wants to return prayer to Gilbert School Board meetings
Sep112012Will James Estrada mix government and religion if elected?
Sep92012Obama won't remove "In God We Trust" from American money
Sep82012Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa defends mixing religion and government???
Sep82012Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform
Sep52012Atheist goes to Supreme Court in cross challenge
Sep52012Democrats mix religion and government in their 2012 platform
Aug272012American Taliban seeks group prayer in Ind. prison
Aug252012Atheist billboards removed from Presidential Conventions because of threats of violence
Aug232012Gay man sues Library of Congress, alleging discrimination
Aug212012GOP wants Constitutional Amendment to ban abortion - No execptions period!!!
Aug212012Neither Obama nor Romney get that separation of church thing
Aug202012Congressional junket to Sea of Galilee asks Congressmen to mix government and religion??
Aug202012Congressman Todd Akin - Raped woman can't get pregnant
Aug202012Pakistan girl jailed, accused of blasphemy
Aug152012Is Arizona mixing government and religion in foster homes???
Aug142012Court dismisses suit vs Arizona's Day of Prayer
Aug142012Lawsuit says FBI violated religious rights of Muslims
Aug142012Saudi religious police plan industrial city for female workers
Aug122012Give women the right to go topless
Aug92012NYC Mayor Bloomberg shuts down free sex toy giveaway
Aug92012Phoenix Police spend $8,895 spent on unconstitutional Youth Bible Camp
Aug72012Government not liable for illegally tapping an Islamic groups phones
Jul252012American Christian groups use government to spread religious hate in Africa???
Jul252012Ray Speakman doesn't understand seperation of Church and State????
Jul232012Blogosphere buzzes over city's jailing of preacher
Jul232012Government bureaucrats frequently use government resources for religious purposes
Jul222012Strategist is central figure against gay marriage
Jul172012Boy Scouts, after secret review, reaffirms ban on gays
Jul132012Arizona law banning abortions after 20 weeks challenged
Jul132012City of Tempe gives land to religious group
Jul122012Phoenix uses zoning laws to flush 1st Amendment?
Jul102012Mixing government and religion in Colorado City, Arizona and Hilldale, Utah
Jul102012The death penalty for the religious crime of drinking? Yes, in Iran
Jul72012Israeli draft pits secular Jews vs. ultra-Orthodox
Jun242012New Arizona obscenity law mixes religion and government
Jun222012Phoenix has a list of "special" Churches???
Jun212012Catholic events nationwide to protest federal policies
Jun112012City of Phoenix Project Nehemias - Councilman Michael Nowakowski, Police Chief Daniel Garcia
Jun102012NYPD fires Hasidic Jew over beard length
Jun102012NYPD fires Hasidic Jew over beard length
Jun102012Rally vs. contraception coverage in Phoenix
Jun82012Arizona Department of Education mixes government and religion???
Jun42012Kuwait blogger gets 10 years for insulting prophet Mohammed
May312012Tempe to give Grace Community Church $300,000 in government welfare???
May292012Maricopa County giving $3.8 million to Catholic Church????
May252012Mesa city council acting above the law
May252012N.J. official: NYPD Muslim surveillance legal
May232012Protecting our Catholic conscience in the public square
May212012Notre Dame sues over Obama birth-control mandate
May202012Jan Brewer uses government to force her religious views on us???
May162012Mesa Arizona to give government welfare to 3 Christian Universities????
May112012US Military hates Muslims????
May92012N.C. approves constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
May72012Is the Center for Arizona Policy part of Arizona govenrment???
May32012Chandler National Day of Prayer
May12012Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects embryo 'personhood' measure
Apr282012Ouster of lesbian Scout leader upsets parents
Apr272012Student ordered to remove Jesus custom on "fictional character day"???
Apr262012Bill on Colorado City police dies in House
Apr252012Phoenix Police force prostitutes to accept Jesus???
Apr252012Ruling will allow Mojave Desert outcropping to again feature a cross
Apr242012Egypt comedian found guilty of offending Islam
Apr232012Pakistan allows Muslims to force Hindu woman into slavery
Apr222012In God we trust on US currency and coins
Apr212012Churches want government handouts to fund their helping of the poor
Apr182012Jan Brewer signs Bible bill
Apr132012Senate OKs Bible in classroom for purposes of historical context
Apr122012Brewer signs bill banning most abortions after 20 weeks
Apr112012Creationism discussions are now OK in Tennessee schools
Apr102012Arizona House OKs abortion bill
Apr32012Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman's Prayer Breakfast
Mar302012Christian Cross on Tempe Butte violates Arizona Constitution
Mar282012FBI spies on California Muslims
Mar282012Jail may await Afghan women fleeing abuse, rape
Mar252012Atheists demand equal treatment from the government
Mar232012Atheists demand government respect their religious beliefs
Mar232012Russell Pearce a soldier in Christian ‘war on women’
Mar222012Mixing government & religion at ASU????
Mar222012Religious war on booze needs to be ended
Mar212012Gay folks should avoid the Puerto Rico which seems to be a religious theocracy!
Mar212012Utah governor signs law mandating 72-hour wait for abortion
Mar192012Rick Santorum wants to put you in jail for looking at dirty pictures????
Mar192012Tennessee abortion bill would require publishing names of doctors
Mar182012Governments often give ballpark suites to churches????
Mar172012Arizona one of 13 states to turn 'hostile' to abortion rights
Mar172012Obama administration says San Diego cross should stay
Mar162012Christian values lobbyist blamed for killing anti-bullying legislation
Mar162012McClellan: Government cant be used to intrude on private lives of women
Mar122012Doctor turns to right-to-die law he championed
Mar122012Doonesbury abortion cartoons
Mar92012Doonesbury mocks Texas abortion law
Mar92012NYPD - If you are a Muslim, you must be a criminal???
Mar82012Utah lawmakers pass bill to curb sex education in schools
Mar42012Utah sex education is religious propaganda?????
Mar32012Santorum wants to bring the Bible based hate of Gays to the White House.
Mar12012You want to probe what???
Feb292012A perfect job for Santorum if he loses
Feb272012Rick Santorum shows he’s the wrong man to be president
Feb272012Rick Santorum's views on religion make him unfit to lead a free nation
Feb272012White House helps pay for NYPD Muslim surveillance
Feb272012Will Rick Santorum turn American turn into a theocracy???
Feb242012Records detail mosque spying; NYPD defends tactics
Feb232012NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast
Feb212012Arizona House OKs bill for Bible course
Feb202012Are they running for President or Pope????
Feb172012Ultra-creepy new ultrasound laws are the shame of the ultra-right
Feb102012"The Good News Club"
Feb92012Arizona bill would force Colorado City police to disband
Feb82012Army officer wants humanism officially recognized
Feb42012Catholics plan counterattack on new contraception coverage
Feb32012Obama says his faith is driving his economic policies
Feb22012Inoculating against religious freedom
Feb12012Abortion bill would alter Arizona law to define life as beginning at conception
Feb12012Can Bibles mix with public schools?
Jan312012Forest Service says it won't evict Jesus statue
Jan302012Another misstep in the fight over crosses
Jan302012Arizona House committee passes Bible course bill
Jan302012Contraceptive mandate could face tough sledding in Supreme Court
Jan282012Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted: Defy feds on birth control
Jan272012Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer
Jan252012House passes bill to allow religious symbols on war memorials
Jan252012Maricopa Community College Charging People For Sharing Religious Faith
Jan242012Arizona high schools may soon offer Bible classes
Jan242012New York Police Departments spreads hate and lies about Muslims
Jan212012Feds: Religious employers must cover the birth-control pill
Jan202012Bogota auditors question $2,000 payment to shaman
Jan202012Gingrich: School prayer would have prevented Columbine
Jan132012Judge orders removal of school prayer mural
Jan92012Will Mesa give tax dollars to the Catholic Benedictine University???
Jan62012Lawsuit again targets Arizona Day of Prayer
Jan42012Dispute over cross casts light on four fallen Marines
Dec292011Muslims upset by NYPD to boycott mayor's breakfast
Dec272011The Federal government employees 1,212 Chaplins
Dec212011FFRF sends “Reason’s Greetings” to rural Indiana
Dec212011FFRF to Mayor: Stop censoring sign or be sued
Dec212011Separation of Newt and State
Dec212011Victory in Ellwood City, Pa. — Crèche will go
Dec152011The solution to the problem of controversial license plates: Get rid of them
Dec132011Federal judge tosses suit to block Brewer's 'day of prayer' declaration
Dec122011Atheists Derail Traditional Nativity Display in Santa Monica
Dec102011Atheist group sues governor over prayer day
Dec82011Obama Backs Limit on Morning-After Pill for Young Teens
Nov252011Legal battle ignites over Jesus statue in Montana
Nov192011Pakistan bans 'obscene' words on cellphone texts
Nov152011Phoenix cops force homeless to find God???
Oct282011No FOIA request for you if the government suspects you to be a criminal?
Oct252011Proposed aid for Washington National Cathedral draws criticism
Oct132011Christian monuments on Tempe Butte during Easter and Christmas
Oct132011Church at Sky Harbor Airport
Oct132011Fountain Hills uses "God" to ban marijuana dispensary
Oct132011I'm all done ----- finish searching thru old articles
Oct132011Schools must allow prayer to get government money
Oct132011schools must allow prayer to get government money
Oct52011Phoenix Police & ASU Police force prostitutes to find God????
Oct42011Chandler Police & Fire Departments mix govenrment and religion
Oct42011Tempe Police Chaplin Program violates 1st Amendment & Arizona Constitution
Sep232011Offenders in Alabama town can choose jail or church
Sep142011Jan Brewer wants suit over Day of Prayer dismissed
Apr12011Oro Valley Town Council orders relgious monument
Mar152011Atheist group sues governor over prayer day
Jan182011Tempe Police use Psychic in Baby Gabrial Case
Jan152011Phoenix attempts to stop Mormon Tempe from being built
Jan42011Judges rule cross at Calif. park unconstitutional
Dec272010Mixing government and religion at Sky Harbor Airport
Dec232010Mixing god and government in the Deer Valley School District
Dec232010Utah's Christian crosses for dead police officers ruled unconstitutional!
Nov292010God helps the homeland security in Kentucky!
Nov282010It's a holiday tree, not a Christmas tree
Nov282010Mesa has chaplains in it's fire department???
Nov272010Mixing government and religion at the Mesa Fire Department.
Nov162010Religious group gets free use of Bank One Ball Park????
Oct312010Rep. Ed Ableser mixes religion and government????
Oct272010Atheist's teen daughter fights Illinois' new moment-of-silence law
Oct182010Superstition is alive and well in Scottsdale Libraries
Oct122010Tempe Police mix religion and government and have a chaplin program
Sep302010Mixing religion and government in Arizona again!!!
Sep292010U.S. is better off with Christian president, McCain says
Sep12201055% incorrectly believe that Christianity is written in Constitution
Aug92010Colorado City police torn between religion and law
Aug62010Mixing government and religion in the military
Jul312010State court denies religious right to marijuana
Jul142010Jan Brewer signs anti-abortion bill
Jul122010Arizona to issue "In God We Trust" license plate
Jul42010Jesus painting raises legal issues
Jun292010Why does the LAPD have police chaplins??????
Jun242010Mormons want to mix government and religion in California
Jun162010Mixing government and religion in Washington DC and Arizona
Jun152010Phoenix Police Raid Home For Holding Church Services
Jun92010Obama invokes Jesus more than Bush
Jun52010Andrew Thomas spends public money to bring sinners to Christ
Jun52010Chrisitans use Bank One Ballpark for free at tax payer expense
Jun32010Mixing God and government in the Arizona DPS.
Jun12010Obama to expand Bush's faith based programs
May292010Marines giving Bible verses to Iraq Muslims
May252010Court witnesses can take oath with Quran or any religious text
May82010Screw the Constitution! We are going to pray at the State Capital!!!!!
May42010Federal judge says you can't call creationism "superstitious nonsense"
Apr282010Judge Bars Divorced Man from Taking His Kids to Mormon Temple
Apr242010Judge orders halt to in-school Bible giveaway
Apr182010Court backs ban on abortion procedure
Apr152010Mixing government and religion in Texas
Apr142010Abstinence programs no deterrent to having sex, study says
Apr112010Hindu temple plans rattle Chandler area
Feb262010Neighbors complain about sexually-oriented temple
Jan52010Texas uses moment of silence to force God on school children????
Dec62009Christians sue ASU to kick atheists & gays out of Christian clubs
Nov192009Atheist sues to get 'In God we trust' off coins
Oct132009Bible quotes on Scottsdale Bus stops
Oct132009House bill HB2493 places "In God We Trust" in classrooms
Oct132009new city of phoenix chaplain at fire department
Sep82009Churches mobilize to ban strip clubs in Scottsdale
Jun142009Atheist father can't sue over 'God' in Pledge
Jun62009Church for Phoenix Police Officers in Maryvale
Apr192009Air Force Cadets See Religious Harassment
Jan32009'Faith-based' groups got $1 bil from U.S. government in 2003
Jan1200910 Commandments at Arizona State Capital violates 1st Amendment & Az Constitution