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Turley-Hansen: America’s demise comes from within

Mar 2, 2015

East Valley Tribune

Linda Turley-Hansen seems to want to use government to force her nutty religious values on the rest of us. Kinda like that nut job Cathi Herrod!!!! I have a bit of advice for Linda Turley-Hansen. If you think porn sucks, don't watch it. If you think gay marriage sucks, don't have one. If you think marijuana sucks, don't smoke it. If you think being an atheist sucks, then believe in some silly supernatural deity.

But please don't ask the government to force the rest of us to obey your silly religious values.

Turley-Hansen: America’s demise comes from within

East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen ( is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

Posted: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 7:45 am | Updated: 1:44 pm, Wed Feb 18, 2015.

Guest Commentary by Linda Turley-Hansen

Proud America still holds some of its shine, though faded by a virus. We are ill. Degradation is sapping our moral strength, which weakens our capacity to save ourselves. We’re missing what’s wrong. Our focus is unsteady. We don’t know what to do with those enemies who have slipped into our neighborhoods as well as within our governments all the way to the top.

Like an injured dog, bleeding to death, which stays focused on the rabies infected raccoon beyond its reach, we don’t stop to assess our own wounds and what needs to be fixed. Once he is strong again, only then does the animal have capacity to deal with the menace.

We have fouled ourselves. We’ve removed God from sight and from our homes. We bow to politically correct demands issued from a fraction of the whole. Ancient, soul-stabilizing practices are sacrificed.

Entertainment aided by the Internet feeds this virus daily, hourly. Our children who need to be fed on values, who need the vision of walking tall are being corrupted within our education systems and definitely by the electronic instruments they carry, which allow them into the darkest of all evil.

In 2010, the UK reported 12- to 17-year-olds are heavily into porn, some weekly, some daily. (WP3 National Report UK). Yes, that’s across the pond, but the Internet is everywhere. Back home, another source makes an unbelievable claim ... that same age group is said to be the top consumers of porn. ( Even if they’re second, third or tenth, the information is shocking.

Heavy porn use is known to damage the frontal brain lobe and diminish healthy sex drive. (Neurosurgeon Donald L. Hilton, Jr.). A majority of Christians are involved. Women are also hooked, but men/boys, of course, are the overwhelming users. Worldwide annual revenue has reached $100 billion (

Lying? Public servant’s untruths are no longer scorned unless there’s fiscal impact. Not only do our newscasters lie, but documentation shows, unlike past presidents, this president doesn’t pretend to be a truth giver, nor does his team, while liberal news stations regurgitate.

Congress has neutered itself, a paper tiger. Oh, America is sick alright.

Religious organizations, which once were balm for righting one’s self during moral conflict, are turning to large music parties and changing ancient standards, as they cater to those who bring in revenue. (See: “How the West Really Lost God,” Mary Eberstadt).

“First pity, then endure, then embrace,” (poet Alexander Pope). A quote often heard in my home, my parents wishing to discourage their children from venturing too far from common sense.

The second half of the 1900s were dedicated to the third step: “Embrace.” The teens of those days are now living their dreams and demands. Their offspring, carbon copies. Some suffer “root rot.”

Our uplifting language is virtually gone. We “seek after riches” and ignore vital, lifesaving family time.

We protect the environment, but not the human nest. It, too, is held up for the politically correct auction and going fast. The collapse of the stabilizing, traditional human habitat is racing toward us.

It’s coming to a head. We feel the slippage, but we don’t know how to brake. Our cores are weak and fuzzy. We thought we could go back any time we wanted.

So we rant and bark at extreme Muslims who are upon us, at a failed, very dangerous president and his cabinet, a self-neutered Congress.

There’s one last bastion of personal safety. It’s in our homes. It’s where we restore common sense and personal responsibility, then educate our children on a level they “get it.” We place God/“higher power” at the forefront. We must prepare others who will listen.

Yes. America is in extreme danger, but terrorists are the least of the threats against us. Rot within is spreading fast.

• East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix TV anchor. She can be reached at