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Arizona panel OKs health-plan restriction on abortion

Mar 13, 2015

Arizona Republic

Sounds like another one of Cathi Herrod's laws from the Center for Arizona Policy forcing Cathi Herrod's version on Christianity on the rest of Arizona.

Sadly Cathi Herrod seems to want to roll Arizona back into the Dark Ages and deny woman the right to abortions.

Arizona panel OKs health-plan restriction on abortion

Ryan Van Velzer, Associated Press 8:26 p.m. MST March 11, 2015

Republicans in a House committee Wednesday voted to bar women in Arizona from buying any health-insurance policies that include abortion coverage through the federal marketplace.

The proposal passed through the Federalism and States' Rights Committee on a 5-3 vote along party lines on Wednesday. Senate Bill 1318 now moves to the House for action pending a routine constitutional review.

The committee held a contentious debate that devolved into indictments on the nature of the legislation.

Supporters said the bill ensures tax dollars don't support abortions. Many people who buy insurance policies on the exchange receive government premium subsidies.

The Affordable Care Act prevents those subsidies from paying for abortion coverage directly. It requires insurers to create separate accounts for premiums.