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Arizona judges can't do only opposite-sex marriages

Mar 16, 2015

Arizona Republic

Nice ruling for Arizona on Gay marriages.

I don't have any problem with private citizens who are against gay marriage from refusing to perform them.

But it should be mandatory for any government bureaucrat who is being paid with tax dollars to perform a marriage for ANYONE who requests it.

Arizona judges can't do only opposite-sex marriages

Associated Press 1:23 p.m. MST March 16, 2015

PHOENIX — Arizona judges are being told they must perform same-sex marriages if they chose to perform any marriages.

An opinion issued recently by a state judiciary ethics advisory committee says turning away same-sex couples would violate a state judicial-conduct rule against bias or prejudice based on sexual orientation.

The opinion also says a judge's religious or other personal beliefs don't make a difference nor does it matter if the judge performs weddings at non-court locations.

A court ruling last October made same-sex marriage legal in Arizona.

The judicial ethics advisory committee is appointed by the state Supreme Court and consists of seven judges and two attorneys who aren't judges.

It's not known who requested the opinion. The identities of judges and court officials requesting ethics advisory opinions are kept confidential.