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Church State Issues

Others ignoring your beliefs doesn't make you a victim

Apr 14, 2015

Arizona Republic

Sadly many Christians scream "religious discrimination" when they are told they can't use the government to force their nutty religions views on the rest of us.

Others ignoring your beliefs doesn't make you a victim

Steven Klein 4:39 p.m. MST April 13, 2015

In regards to recent letters painting Christians as victims ("Why's it OK to hate Christians?"), no one is telling you to keep your Christianity in your home.

What we are telling you is that while we are sympathetic to your (perceived) plight, just as you wish not to have others impose their beliefs on you, you don't get to impose your beliefs on others. It cuts both ways.

You find homosexual sex unappealing? Great, stick to straight. I prefer that, too, but what our fellow consenting adults do isn't your concern either. Or your right in which to meddle.

Christians aren't the victims here. In a multicultural, multi-disciplinal society, it is a delicate balancing act of rights versus responsibilities. Not being able to discriminate (especially under the guise of religious freedom) is not a truncation of one's rights.

You are perfectly free to practice your religion. You just don't get to impose it upon someone who doesn't derive their guidance from the same religious manifesto as do you.

— Steven L. Klein, Laveen