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Church State Issues

Who needs education when we have frivolous laws?

Apr 14, 2015

Arizona Republic

Separation of Church and State???

Sorry not in Arizona.

Cathi Herrod and her Center for Arizona Policy have been very successful in getting Cathi Herrod's religious laws passed which are turning Arizona into a Christian Theocracy.

Who needs education when we have frivolous laws?

David Klock 3:56 p.m. MST April 10, 2015

Letter: There's no way the passed anti-abortion bill is legal. You know who has to pay when someone fights it? We do.

Well, here we go again.

Another anti-abortion bill recommended by the Center for Arizona Policy's Cathi Herrod and passed by the crackpot Arizona Legislature.

And surprise, it's actually signed by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Now, of course, the next step.

A lawsuit that will obviously strike down this garbage legislation.

Unfortunately, we the taxpayers will once again have to pay for another folly created by Cathi Herrod and her cronies in the Legislature.

I just wonder how much money, that could have been used for things such as education, has been wasted on these frivolous laws.

— David Klock, Peoria