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Christian monuments on Tempe Butte during Easter and Christmas

Oct 13, 2011

dear sirs:

yesterday i attended a religious event at ASU called

"toons & tunes - religion an be humorous"

as i was going home i saw a large brightly lit christian cross on i think what is named tempe butte, which is just north of the tempe police station and just west of sun devil stadium. maybe jesus christ the savior of the christians caused me to see it. or the other hand perhaps zeus, odin, apollo, or the even the easter fairy caused me to see the cross. i get those regilous dietys all mixed up and never know which one is currently micro-managing my life.

i beleive the mountain or butte the christian crss is on is property owned by the city of tempe. can you confirm that?

if the christian cross is on property owned by the city of tempe why was the christian cross put up there? and who is paying for it and the lighting?

in the past i have noticed that you put up on the same mountain or butte images of the wise men that followed a star to the birth of the baby krishna. the wise men gave the baby krishna gifts. krishna is the savior of the hindu religion. he was born to a virgin mother and died to save man from his sins. krishna is the savior of mankind. the christians also have a fable about wise men following a star to the birth of their christ who was allegedly born 800 to 1800 years after krishna. both the words krishna and christ mean "the annointed one". for that matter the christian god jesus christ is pretty much a carbon copy clone of the hindu god krishna. (a good book on this is "The Christ" by john h)

can you tell me who is putting these hindu/christian wisemen on the tempe mountain? also who is paying for the deal?

the christian bible in Lev 20:10-13 demands that homosexuals be stoned to death. neil giuliano i understand you are a homosexual. how can you possiblely let the city of tempe endorse a religion that says homosexuals should be stoned to death?

for that matter i cant see how the city of tempe could endorse the christian religion which is a pretty barbaric religion. in Lev 20:10 and Deuteronomy 22:19-25 the bible also says adulters should be stoned to death. and in Deut 21:18-21 the bible demands that disobedient children be stoned to death. and anyone who commits blasphemy the bible says should be stoned to death in Lev 24:16 Lev 24:10-11,13-14,2.

are only christians allowed to put up things to honor their dietys on your tempe mountain? does the city of tempe forbid people who are not christians from putting up things to honor their dietys on your tempe butte?

would it possible for people who are in a satan cult to put up a copy of satan on te tempe butte? or is this a christian only thing? if your not christan keep out of tempe?

is the first amendment null and void in tempe? ie: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,

is Article 2 Section 12 of the arizona constitution null and void in tempe? ie:

No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise, or instruction, or to the support of any religious establishment.

please answer per A.R.S. Section 39-121.


four months ago in march after going to the steve benson dan barker toons gig "religion can be funny" at ASU as i was going home i saw a large christian cross on the tempe butte which is owned by the city of tempe. the city also allows christians to put up the 3 wize men on the butte during christmas time every year. and it puts up the cross on the tempe butte during easter.

since this is a clear violation of both the arizona constitution and the federal constitutions which demand seperation of church and state i complained to the city of tempe several times. it tooks the jerks 4 months to give me an answer.

the violation is that the city of tempe is giving the christians land to use rent free to place their religious symbols on during the christian holidays of christmas and easter.

my goal is to force the city to stop the pratice by

1) force the city of tempe to stop allowing the christians to display their religious symbols on the mountain for free. if the city rents them the butte and charges them the fair market value of the land that would be acceptable to me.

this would probably eliminate the practice because the city could not say "only christians are allowed to rent the butte, atheists and businesses are not allowed to rent the butte"

which means pepsi, kmart, ford and other business would probably out bid the christians for the location.

im not sure but i suspect that any large signs on the butte are in violation of tempe zoning laws that govern advertizing.

2) force the city of tempe to stop allowing the practice by putting up a symbol that is so offensive to the government leaders that they would stop the whole thing. like those atheists in salt lake city who stopped the christians from praying at city council meetings by forcing them to allow atheist prayers to be read in addition to christian prayers. im sure you all can come up with some good ideas but here are a few of mine:

a marijuana leaf for ganja religion - im sure this would be popular with many of the party animals at ASU

a giant erect penis for the people who worship the old ferility god peter.

a peace symbol for those of us who are aginst the war in afgan with some letters that say


any number of atheist symbols or slogans such as

american atheist logo darwin fish wimpy humanist symbol

im sure the wiccans who are basicly witches who worship mother nature have a few symbols the city would find offensive.

or if we wanted to fight fire with fire we could ask to put up a few quotes from the bible. some of the quotes charlie smith(?) read at the hearing in the house of representives when we protested the 10 commandments laws. the verses from the bible that them christian house members were offended by.

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:24:00 -0700
From: Brad_Woodford@... ("Woodford, Brad")
Subject: Symbols on Butte
To: snail@... ("'snail@...'")
Cc: barb_carter@... ("Carter, Barbara")

From: Woodford, Brad
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 4:32 PM
To: Carter, Barbara
Cc: Richwine, Mark; Barbara Carter; Ben Arredondo; Dennis Cahill; Hugh Hallman; Len Copple; Mark Mitchell; Neil Giuliano; Patrick Flynn; Randy Gross; Will Manley
Subject RE: 2nd Request for public records per A.R.S. Section 39-121

Dear **********,

I have been asked by members of the City Council to respond to your original inquiry regarding symbols on Hayden Butte.

The City of Tempe's policies and procedures for erection of non-commercial symbols upon Hayden Butte are as follows:

Private parties wishing to display symbols on the butte must obtain a permit from the Community Services Department of the City of Tempe. All expenses of the erection of the symbol, the symbol itself, and any utilities required to power the symbol are provided by the private parties.

The only fee charged is for the use of utilities through a City utility connection. The duration of the display is approved in the permit process, however they must be erected in a safe manner. Symbols have been erected for many years at various times but generally around holiday seasons.

You may obtain copies of the permits that have been issued by contacting Mark Richwine @ 350-5325.

It is my opinion that the display of such symbols by private parties does not violate either Federal or State constitutional or statutory law.

Brad Woodford Tempe City Attorney

C. Brad Woodford
City Attorney
(480) 350-8227

perhaps some atheists can help these folks put up their cross, and get some information on who they are.

every year during christmas and easter the city of tempe violates both the U.s. and arizona constitutions by allowing these christians to put a cross during easter and some wise men during christmas on Tempe butte which is tempe government property.

i would like to file a lawsuit forcing the city of tempe to stop this practice in which city of tempe uses its government powers to support and endorse the christian religion.

the article that follows was in todays arizona republic and asks people to help erect this chrisitan cross on tempe butte this week end. tempe butte is in downtown tempe, between mill avenue, the salt river, ASU sun devil stadium, and behind the tempe police station.


April 1, 2004
Arizona Republic

Volunteers are sought to place cross on butte

TEMPE - Volunteers are needed to help Friends of Tempe BUtte put the giant cross on Tempe Butte at 6 a.m. Saturday. Volunteers should meet outside the First Congregational Church of Tempe, 101 E Sixth Street.

Tempe City Councilman Hut Hutson, who for two decades has maintained a set of camels, Christmas tree and other holiday decorations on the butte.

so i guess anybody can put a religious display on the tempe buttes. well anybody who is also a tempe city council man!

Cell phone left behind links man to vandalism

By Garin Groff, Tribune

January 31, 2006

Vandals have eluded justice for years after smashing holiday decorations atop Hayden Butte, but this year’s suspect wasn’t as lucky.

The man behind the damage this season all but gave his name to authorities during the act by dropping his cell phone on the butte’s rocky terrain, Tempe police said Monday.

A detective called a handful of numbers on the phone of Chris Snyder, a 24-yearold Phoenix resident, and asked friends to have Snyder call them. He never did, Tempe police Sgt. Dan Masters said.

A detective tracked Snyder down at an unrelated court appearance last week, when the detective said he confessed.

“He stated he was intoxicated and emotionally upset at that time,” Masters said.

Snyder faces a possible criminal damage charge. Police haven’t arrested him yet because they’re waiting to see if the act is a misdemeanor or a felony. The severity depends on an estimate to repair the damage.

That issue is being researched by Councilman Hut Hutson, who for two decades has maintained a set of camels, Christmas tree and other holiday decorations on the butte. He’s had to repair minor damage several times over the years and estimated this work will cost $2,000 to $3,000.

“That was the first time in 22 years that we had any serious damage done,” Hutson said.

Hutson noticed the damage the night of Dec. 31, when the normally illuminated camels had gone dark. He hiked the butte Jan. 2 and found somebody had broken a camel leg, smashed lights and torn the electrical supply. Behind the middle camel was Snyder’s cell phone.

Hutson gave police the phone when he filed a report. Police got partial fingerprints, but it was phone numbers that identified Snyder. Police tracked him down Thursday by waiting for him to leave a scheduled municipal court hearing.

Snyder could not be reached for comment. Contact Garin Groff by email, or phone (480) 898-6554