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Is the Center for Arizona Policy part of Arizona govenrment???

May 7, 2012

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Cathi Herrod

This photo was taken to mark the Arizona Legislations “Pro-life Bill Signing”.

Cathi Herrod Esq - President of CAP or Center of Arizona Policy
There is Gov. Jan Brewer, at the podium with a beaming smile, surrounded by legislators and staff of Center of Arizona Policy (CAP). The blond woman to the left side of this photo in a gray pantsuit, is Cathi Herrod Esq. She’s the President of CAP.

It’s appropriate that the Governor stands behind a podium emblazoned with the Center for Arizona Policy since she has unfortunately been one of their greatest supporters. CAP will add another 9 – 10+ bills signed into law this year. They already claim 101 bills passed in previous legislative sessions. Sadly, I think it will take many years & lots of lawsuits to fix the damage done to Arizona by CAP & Gov. Brewer.

Cathi Herrod in Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine
Cathi Herrod
Citizen Magazine

And to honor Cathi Herrod’s efforts to knock Arizona back into the 1950’s, she made the cover of the Focus on the Family’s Citizen Magazine. Just to refresh your memory, that’s the group that James Dobson started. They also have very powerful spin-off group the Family Research Council. (You know, the folks that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled as a “hate group”.) Tony Perkins is the leader of that group. He’s a frequent “talking head” on Fox “News”.

Cathi Herrod & her pals at Center for Arizona Policy & Alliance Defense Fund (their incredibly well-funded legal arm), are the BULLIES here in Arizona.

Complain about this violation of Church & State to:

Jan Brewer a government tyrant that mixes religion & government Jan Brewer
Janice K. Brewer
Governor of Arizona
State Capitol, 9th Floor
1700 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 542-1950
FAX: (602) 542-7602