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Will James Estrada mix government and religion if elected?

Sep 11, 2012

James Estrada for Justice of the Peace

Is James Estrada is another politician who believes in mixing government and religion???

I don't know.

I saw his web page where he is running for Justice of the Peace in Gilbert and he brags about being a "Pro Life Christian".

Does that mean if he is elected he will be using the Gilbert Justice of the Peace courts to force his "Pro Life Christian" views on the rest of us?

On his web pages frequently brags about himself being a Christian and makes frequent references to his Christian faith. What's that got to do with being elected to a secular job of justice of the peace?

Again does that that mean if James Estrada is elected that he will use his government job of being a judge to force his "Pro Life Christian" values on the rest of us?

Does James Estrada being a "Pro Life Christian" mean that if elected to office he will do his best to prevent woman who have a legal right to abortions from having them because of his "Pro Life Christian" views?

I don't know. I hope not!!!

James Estrada for Gilbert Justice of the Peace Highland District


Pro Life Christian

11/06/2012 | Faith

At the age of 24, James Estrada became a Christian when he accepted Christ as his Savior in a family member’s home in East Quogue, Long Island New York. He was water baptized in a small church in Riverhead, New York, called Living Water Full Gospel Church. Twenty-six years later his faith is as strong as ever. His faith helps James to find compassion and understanding and respect for all peoples from all backgrounds.

James, his wife Ruth, his children and grandchildren attend Red Mountain Christian Center in Mesa (located just north of University Drive on Power Road).

James Estrada - \

If you are concerned that James Estrada may mix government and religion if elected you may want to email him or give him a call.

Here is the contact information for James Estrada as listed on his web page.

James Estrada

Phone (480)330-0265

James Estrada for Justice of the Peace
2070 East Pinto Drive
Gilbert, Arizona 85296