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Church State Issues

What part of "separation of church and state" doesn't Leon Ceniceros understand???

Nov 25, 2012

East Valley Tribune

Look Mr. Leon Ceniceros you are free to practice your religion on private property, but it's wrong to use the government to force your religion on me on public property.

If you love living in a country that mixes religion and government maybe you should move to a religious theocracy where they force religion on people at gun point.

You might enjoy Saudia Arabia or Iran. Of course you might be unhappy, because they will not force Christianity on you at gun point but instead you will have the Muslim religion forced on you at gun point.

Letter: Small minority played big role in eliminating religion

Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 5:49 am

Letter to the Editor

In 1691, the first Thanksgiving, where the protestant pilgrims thanked their Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving them a bountiful harvest, began. That could never happen today. [Most of the original 13 colonies were religious theocracies where religion was force on the people that lived in the colonies. How ever the First Amendment bans mixing government and religion in the modern USA, which is NOT a religious theocracy!]

The ACLU and lawyers for non-Christian religions would have a court injunction prohibiting any and all reference to Jesus Christ because that would insult their sensibilities. [And you would certainly do the same if the government started forcing the Muslim religion your you and your children]

Our “public” schools, colleges, universities, and business entities have taken any reference of God or Jesus Christ out of all of our holidays (which were originally holy days). [Again, check out that First Amendment thing!]

Christmas is now called “winter holiday.” Thanksgiving is now called “fall festival.” Easter no longer celebrates the resurrection but is called “spring break” and celebrates bunny rabbits and colored eggs. Workers were given these holidays to attend church; now they work that day because it has become a day of “monster sales.”

The military services are reducing or flat out removing anything that refers to God or Jesus Christ. Just today a judge in Santa Monica, California ordered the removal of a manger scene that has been displayed for years. A cross out in the middle of the Joshua Tree National Monument that was put up before it was a national monument to honor our fallen military ended up as a case of religious discrimination before our Supreme Court. [Again, check out that First Amendment thing!]

Even though 75 percent of Americans declare themselves to be Christian (believers in Jesus Christ), the 4 percent who don’t believe in Jesus Christ and the 13 percent who don’t believe in religion period, have sadly managed to eliminate God in our schools, military and the workplace. [On the other hand just because 75 percent of the population believes in Jesus Christ doesn't give them the right to force it on the remaining 25 percent of the non-believers at the gun point of government]

Leon Ceniceros