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Church State Issues

Prayers for Obama, Biden at National Cathedral

Jan 23, 2013

USA Today

What part of the First Amendment doesn't Obama understand???

I am not sure, but I think the National Cathedral is church funded by the U.S. Government, and if that is true it certainly is a violation of the First Amendment.

Prayers for Obama, Biden

David Jackson, USA TODAY

4:50p.m. EST January 22, 2013

President Obama sought spiritual sustenance for his second term on Tuesday, attending a National Prayer Service in the nation's capital.

A variety of prayers at the interfaith service -- including Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh -- went out to Obama and Vice President Biden, who also attended the event at the National Cathedral in Washington.

"Strengthen their hearts, make them bold, grant them wisdom to discern your will," said one prayer.

Another prayer -- to "keep this nation under your care" -- went out to lawmakers, judges and other public officials.

First lady Michelle Obama also attended the service, as did Biden's wife, Jill. They heard brief sermons, holy readings and music ranging from hymns to the Star Spangled Banner.

The traditional service came a day after Obama's public second-term inauguration ceremony, where he gave an inaugural address in which he called for "collective action" on such issues as debt reduction, immigration, women's and minority rights and climate change.

Obama did not speak at the prayer service.