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Mixing governent & religion in Chandler - Community Action Program (CAP)

Mar 7, 2013

Is the City of Chandler government mixing religion and government by letting the Chandler Christian Community Center use it's offices at the Chandler City Hall on 235 S Arizona Avenue in Chandler, Arizona

It seems like the "Chandler Christian Community Center" may be operating out of a Chandler city government office in the Chandler City Hall at

Community Action Program (CAP)
Housing and Redevelopment
Chandler City Hall
235 S Arizona Avenue
Chandler, AZ


I suspect this might be a violation of the Federal First Amendment and the Arizona Constitution if they are mixing religion and government in the process.

I am not sure if it is a violation of the separation of church and state thing, because I really don't know what they are doing.

I had to use the restroom Thursday of last week so I went in the Chandler City Hall to find one. The restroom I found was in the Housing and Redevelopment office at 235 S Arizona Avenue (for those of you who don't get out to Chandler, Arizona Avenue is the same street as Country Club in Mesa).

I noticed a sign saying that the Community Action Program (CAP) had offices at the Chandler City Hall every Thursday, and that other times they could be found at a church in Chandler, which is the Chandler Christian Community Center (480)963-1423.

That sign was up last week, but I did not see it this week or I would have written down the address on the sign.

From the signs and posters in the building it seemed like the Community Action Program (CAP) is about giving food, housing and other stuff to homeless people.

I don't know if they are also using the program to suck people into the churches religious programs.

The Chandler Christian Community Center is right down the street from the Chandler City Hall. It is on Frye Road and California Street. Their address is:

Chandler Christian Community Center
345 S. California St
Chandler, AZ

PO Box 591
Chandler, AZ

(480)726-0896 Fax