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Is Tom Horne using Bisbee to launch his re-election bid?

Apr 3, 2013

Arizona Republic

Is Tom Horne using Bisbee to launch his re-election bid?

Does Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne also hate gays like he hates medical marijuana users??? Attorney General Tom Horne – perhaps sensing his best shot at re-election next year — has announced that he’ll sue the city of Bisbee for having the effrontery to break state laws.

So says the top law enforcement official in the state, a guy who stands accused of breaking the state laws.

Horne, at the urging of southeastern Arizona legislators and the conservative Center for Arizona Policy, has worked himself into a legal lather over the Bisbee City Council’s vote Tuesday to approve civil unions within city limits. Yesterday, he sent the city a letter threatening to sue.

“The ordinance seeks to change seven separate state statutes within the boundaries of the city, dealing with issues such as community property, inheritance of property, and appointment of personal representatives,” Horne said, in a press release. “The only proper way to change a statute is through the Legislature, not through actions of the City Council attempting to change a State statute within its boundaries. I emphasize that I am not expressing any opinion on the policy of the ordinance. My job is to enforce the laws that exist and I am obligated to respond to complaints from state legislators.”

Goodness. He is worked up. Instead of worrying so much about what one tiny Arizona town is doing, perhaps Horne and the state legislators who are so exercised should instead step up, act like leaders and seek a solution to this vexing problem of inequality so that we can move on in this state and in this country.

Instead of fighting Bisbee, how about following Bisbee?

How about calling for an end to state regulation of marriage? I’ve been married a long time and have always wondered what business it is of the government whom I chose to marry.

Government ought to be in the business of allowing a legal arrangement between two consenting adults who choose to tie their lives together — much as Bisbee has approved. A simple civil contract, setting out all the rights and responsibilities, would serve the purpose, allow for equality and take this issue of state- approved morality out of the equation.

Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy doesn't like gay marriage OK, I can feel Cathi Herrod fainting, even as I type. But for those who want to enter the state of holy matrimony, shouldn’t that really be an issue between them, their church and their God?