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Scottsdale City Council to stamp out prostitution???

Apr 8, 2013

Arizona Republic

Prostitution ain't called the worlds oldest profession for nothing. I can guarantee that his law will be a dismal failure like all the other laws designed to stop prostitution and drugs.

City's ordinance on escorts, massages being beefed up

By Julian Osorio The Arizona Republic - 12 News Breaking News Team Mon Apr 8, 2013 2:37 PM

Scottsdale officials have been drafting a revised ordinance that would more strictly regulate massage facilities and escort services that operate in the city.

The move, city officials say, is designed to deter illegal activity, such as prostitution, conducted behind the business doors of some operators.

The changes would include tougher permitting requirements to operate and a new fee schedule.

The proposed changes would allow the city to strengthen the integrity and professionalism of each industry, according to the city’s website.

The Scottsdale Police Department has been investigating prostitution complaints in the escort and massage industries for years, said Sgt. Mark Clark, spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department.

The proposed ordinance is a collaborative effort between the City Attorney’s Office and the Police Department, he said.

Officials have identified detrimental secondary effects from escort operations, including violent crimes, drug use, and health risks through the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to the proposal.

The goal of the ordinance is to halt prostitution, protect legitimate escort patrons, and preserve the health and welfare of the community, a draft of the proposal says.

Among the proposed revisions to the escort industry is added mandatory jail time for individuals convicted of certain crimes, expanded list of violations, a requirement that any escort service post its city-permit license number in any advertisement, revised definitions and permit requirements for escort assistants, and a stipulation that no permit or license can be issued to a person convicted of prostitution as early as 10 years before an application submission.

Scottsdale last updated its escort services ordinance in 1988.

According to a report released by the Scottsdale Police Department, there have been 21 escort-related charges in Scottsdale since 2011. The majority were for lack of proper identification and permits.

A separate proposal targets unprofessional practices at massage facilities.

The requested ordinance includes requirements that a licensed on-site manager is present at a facility when any massage therapy is being performed.

In addition, all doors must be unlocked during massage therapy and mobile massage units will not be allowed to park on public streets except during special events.

Other changes includes verbiage regulating massages. The new language states that it is illegal to touch any other person’s genitals or anus, conduct any actions intended to sexually arouse or appeal to sexual desires, according to the proposal.

The current ordinance allows city officials to inspect any massage facility during normal business hours.

No specific incidents sparked the evaluation of the city ordinance but the city felt it was time to clarify and tighten up the ordinance, said Caron Close, Scottsdale city prosecutor.

Several massage therapists in Scottsdale contacted for this article said they supported city efforts to crack down on unsavory businesses, but none wanted to be identified and quoted.

The proposed changes are scheduled to be considered by the City Council on June 4.

Proposed fees

Here are proposed fees for massage businesses and escort services under a draft being consideration by Scottsdale. The City Council will review the proposal in June:

Escort bureau application, $100; massage facility application, $100.

Annual escort bureau license, $175. Annual massage facility license, $300.

Escort and assistant application, $100; late renewal penalty, $200.

Escort and assistant permit, $100.

City fingerprinting fee, $10; on-site manager ID card, $10; escort and assistant ID card, $10; change of location fee, $50.

Source: Scottsdale.