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Tempe Messy Yard Cops mixing government and religion????

Dec 25, 2013

Arizona Republic

From this article is sure sounds like the Tempe Messy Yard cops (Neighborhood Services Office) are mixing govenrment and religion by collecting Christmas lights for people to install on their homes.

Tempe homes receive donated holiday lights

The Republic | Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:23 AM

Non-profit Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors helped brighten the holidays for some seniors by installing donated holiday lights on seven homes of those who may no longer be able to decorate them.

“We talked to our friends in the Neighborhood Services Office at the city of Tempe and asked them if they could help us get this off the ground, and they jumped in without hesitation.” said Gary Roberts, president of Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors. “They sent out our flier to all the neighborhood chairs and asked them to forward the name of a senior in their neighborhood to us.”

Donation boxes were distributed to the multigenerational centers around Tempe and a few calls, e-mails and Facebook posts later, there were plenty of lights to decorate the homes.

“Next year, with a little more lead time to get the word out, we hope to really take this to the next level,” Roberts said.