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Zander Welton gets his Medical Marijuana

Mar 24, 2014

Arizona Republic

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer This is the 2nd frivolous lawsuit Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has lost trying to kill Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act.

In this case Jan Brewer and the police were trying to say that the marijuana based hash oil that stopped Zander Welton debilitating seizures wasn't really marijuana, but hashish and that the police could arrest Zander and his parents for using the marijuana.

Jan Brewers other frivolous lawsuit asked the Feds to say Arizona's Medical Marijuana act was unconstitutional because it conflicts with Federal law, something the voters knew when we passed it.

Mesa boy can be treated with pot extract, judge rules

Associated Press 12:33 a.m. EDT March 24, 2014

PHOENIX — A Maricopa County Superior Court judge has ruled that a 5-year-old Mesa boy with debilitating seizures can be treated with marijuana extract, effectively re-interpreting the Arizona's medical marijuana law.

Judge Katherine Cooper ruled late Friday in preliminary injunction filed by the American Civil Liberties Union that Zander Welton can legally consume extracts.

In her ruling, Cooper says the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act authorizes qualifying patients to use extracts, including CBD oil, adapted from marijuana.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed the motion Nov. 13.

The filing says Zander Welton "is likely to suffer irreparable injury if his parents cannot treat him with a marijuana extract without fear of criminal prosecution."

Under the state's current medical marijuana law, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office considers extracts illegal.