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Sexting is a religious crime in America?????

Apr 8, 2014

Arizona Republic

Don't these police officers have any REAL criminals to hunt down??? You know real criminals like robbers and burglars who hurt people.

Not silly teenagers sending each other photos of their naked butts and other body parts.

On the other hand if you are a police officer I guess it's a lot safer to make yourself look like a hero by arresting 100 teenagers for sending each other text messages then it is to go out and arrest dangerous criminals like robbers and rapists.

100 teens tied to 'sexting' ring on Instagram

Associated Press 10:57 a.m. MST April 8, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. — Authorities say more than 100 central Virginia teenagers have been implicated in a six-county "sexting" investigation.

Maj. Donald Lowe of the Louisa County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that only three or four people are likely to be charged as a result of an investigation that uncovered more than 1,000 photos or videos of nude or semi-nude teens. He says a few of the images are sexually explicit.

The investigation began last month after a Louisa parent reported suspicious activity on her child's Instagram account. It quickly spread to include teens in Fluvanna, Orange, Goochland, Albemarle and Hanover counties. About three dozen cell phones have been turned over for forensic analysis.

Lowe says the main goal of the investigation is to educate kids about the dangers of sexting. [Yea, and to make himself look like a hero by arresting harmless teenagers]