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Sheriff Joe arrests m,an for dreaming about having sex with a horse???

Apr 25, 2014

Arizona Republic

Sheriff Joe arrests man for wanting to have sex with a horse!!!!

Jesus, don't these police officers have any real criminals to hunt down????

About 15 or 20 years ago the Arizona legislators legalized sodomy, which is oral sex, anal sex and sex with animals.

Then a fireman in Mesa, Arizona was caught having sex a goat or lamb owned by one of his neighbors and the Arizona legislator made sodomy illegal again. Or at least the part of sodomy about having sex with animals.

I don't know if it happened in this case, but a number of police departments in Arizona, which include the Tempe Police, the Phoenix Police, the Chandler Police and the Maricopa County Sheriff have cops who sit around all day on the internet pretending to be sexy, horny, 14 year old girls who want to have sex with older men. And when they find a lonely old man who thinks he has found a hot 14 year old who wants to have sex with him they set up a sting like in this article.

Of course the hot, horny, 14 year old who wants to have sex with older men, was an imaginary person who existed only in the mind of the cop who created her.

MCSO: Craigslist ad leads to bestiality arrest

Adriana Torres, The Republic|; 9:27 p.m. MST April 24, 2014

A Craigslist ad to "play with a horse" resulted in an arrest on suspicion of bestiality Tuesday, according to a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office statement.

The statement issued Thursday said 22-year-old Donald Waelde, whom the Sheriff's Office said was born male but identifies as female, posted an ad on the Craigstlist website in the "Missed Connections" section.

The ad read: "I want to play with a horse. Simple as that. If you have a horse and I can have access to it....I will do something in return."

A horse enthusiast browsing the website saw the ad and contacted the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies conducted an undercover investigation, and contacted Waelde, who then verified which sexual acts she wished to perform on the horse, the statement said.

They met up on Tuesday in Anthem, and the deputy used a horse from the sheriff's Mounted Posse as a prop.

Waelde admitted to the ad and her intentions, and was taken into custody, according to the Sheriff's Office statement. A search warrant of her home was also executed.

The statement attributed Sheriff Joe Arpaio as saying the incident was the fourth case since 2011 where the suspects have have placed a Craigslist ad for bestiality.

Bestiality was made a crime in Arizona law in 2006.