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More failed logic from columnist Linda Turley-Hansen

Jun 9, 2014

East Valley Tribune

If you think gay marriage sucks then don't have one!!!

Letter: More failed logic from columnist

Posted: Sunday, June 8, 2014 5:15 pm

Letter to the Editor

Linda Turley-Hansen makes an egregious error in judgment and shows her own prejudice in her recent commentary, “Downgrading traditional marriage is colossal mistake.” Her rational relies on the false premise that somehow “traditional marriage” is collapsing because “3 percent” of the gay population continues to seek legal recognition and protection for their families. This kind of rationale is unintuitive and would fail to pass muster in even an undergraduate logic course. Regardless of makeup, all families are capable of providing a stabilizing influence to society. Opposite-gender homes, same-sex homes, single parent homes, and blended families have always existed in our society, but it has just been in recent decades that we have begun to acknowledge their existence.

Same-sex households seeking to strengthen their family bonds are to not blame for decades of wide-spread heterosexual divorce and five-minute TV marriages. Moreover, our collective societal efforts should not be on breaking down families that already exist or will exist in the future, but open strengthening the value of each and every family. Sorry Ms. Turley-Hansen, not only is your logic demeaning and damaging to same-sex households, it is also disparages all families who may reside outside of your perceived 1950s norm.

Matthew Mandile