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30 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures.

Jun 19, 2014

Arizona Republic

From the article it sounds like this guy got 30 years in prison for the victimless crime of allowing dirty pictures of children on his website.

The article doesn't say he is accused of rape or any REAL crimes, other then the victimless crime of allowing dirty pictures of children to to posted on his web site.

If the guy was raping children I might be able to understand the 30 year prison sentence. But the article doesn't say that and seems to imply his only crime was hosting a website which posted dirty photos of children.

Founder of child porn site gets 30 years

Associated Press 10:04 a.m. MST June 17, 2014

NEWARK, New Jersey — A Ukrainian man who founded and operated an international child sexual abuse website has been sentenced in New Jersey to 30 years in prison.

The sentencing in federal court Tuesday was part of a plea agreement between prosecutors and Maksym Shynkarenko. Authorities have called him the most significant distributor of child porn ever prosecuted in the U.S.

He was charged in June 2012 with operating a network of websites and faced a 32-count indictment. He pleaded guilty to operating a child-exploitation enterprise in connection with the website, which he ran from 2005 to 2008.

Prosecutors say the ongoing investigation into Shynkarenko's website has led to convictions in 47 states of more than 600 U.S.-based customers, including 30 men convicted in New Jersey.