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The outrageous tale of a 5-year-old's "sexual misconduc"

Jul 1, 2014

Arizona Republic

5 year old pervert??? That's what the government wants us to think!!!!

The idiotic, stupid things government bureaucrats can do in the name of "good government" never cease to amaze me.

I wonder how the government schools or public schools as most people call them ever find time to teach the kids anything.

The outrageous tale of a 5-year-old's 'misconduct'

Editorial board, The Republic | 5:31 p.m. MST June 30, 2014

Our View: Can a kindergartner be guilty of “sexual misconduct”? Only in the name of consistency.

A kindergartner dropped his pants on an elementary-school playground in Surprise last spring. He was pulled into the assistant principal's office, questioned and asked to sign a statement.

And then the 5-year-old was branded with a label that will remain in his school file permanently: "sexual misconduct."

This is what gives zero-tolerance policies and education leaders a bad reputation. The removal of common sense and independent thinking leads to absurd results.

As the story unfolds, it gets more ridiculous.

Dysart Unified School District officials did not tell the boy's mother about the incident, that he was in the assistant principal's office or that he was signing a note, according to reporting by KTVK. Officials point to district policy that says a parent does not have to be present for a disciplinary meeting unless the students asks.

That makes sense for middle- or high-school students. But a 5-year-old?

Once the mother found out, she objected. She wants the district to remove the sexual misconduct label from her son's file, noting that his actions were not sexual in any way. Or that a 5-year-old knows anything about sex.

The district said no. It pointed to reams of policy and state and federal guidelines. Consistency, they said. We must be consistent.

There is a place for consistency. There should also be a place for common sense, for realizing this child needed a good talking-to about what is proper conduct on the playground. An insightful school leader would have made the mother an ally.

Instead, they chose the hobgoblin. This is foolishness to the extreme.