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Same sex marriages, marijuana? Don't think about it, do what you're told???

Sep 30, 2014

Arizona Republic

I think what Doug Hubbard is trying to say is that if you do something HE DOESN'T LIKE you should be put in jail.

Of course he doesn't say it that way, he says you are "intellectually lazy" if you don't agree with him and think that it's OK for gay folks to get married or for people to commit the harmless and victimless crime of smoking pot.

Sadly a lot of people agree with Doug Hubbard and that's why over half of the people in prisons are there for victimless drug war crimes and other victimless crimes like prostitution or gambling.

According to the US Bureau of Prisons, 51 percent of the people in Federal prisons are there for victimless drug war crimes. According to Reason Magazine two thirds or 66% of the people in ALL American prisons are there for victimless drug war crimes.

On same-sex marriage, pot, let's use our brains

Doug Hubbard 7:55 a.m. MST September 29, 2014

Republic columnist EJ Montini suggests that pretty soon we will all be smoking weed at a same-sex wedding (Thursday).

Why, he suggests? Because these laws will be changed in Arizona, because where there is no victim, there is no crime.

I pondered the "no victim, no crime" argument for a bit and concluded I am not willing to be that intellectually lazy. I prefer to raise my level of reasoning on these matters and others to include societal norms, values and standards of decency.

Take whatever opinion you want on these subjects, but let's have a stimulating discussion about what benefits our community as a whole.

Society has a long history of using values and standards as benchmarks for passing laws. You can't get a driver's license until you are 16 because society decided that a 14-year-old should not be entrusted with this responsibility.

You can't sign a contract until 18 because we have a standard that minors don't have the life experience or reasoning skills to understand what they are committing to. A minor child can't have consensual sex with an adult because we want to protect the minor from being manipulated or coerced.

These are all simple examples of laws that have been passed based on sound reasoning and societal values. They are intended to improve the way we live and prevent victims and crimes.

My hope is a majority of us will desire to have rational, thought-provoking discussions with regard to laws that affect all of us. I don't care what side you sit on. Just bring your brain to the table.

— Doug Hubbard, Phoenix