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Buckeye gives $42K to 7 non-profits

Oct 16, 2014

Arizona Republic

I always thought the purpose of government was to do the things it is impossible for the public to do on their own.

If that is the case why the f*ck are the Buckeye elected rulers giving OUR money to THEIR favorite charities???

Us serfs are perfectly capable of giving OUR money to OUR favorite charities and we don't need any government nannies to take our money at gun point and donate OUR money to THEIR favorite charities.

Also that donation of $12,000 to All Faith Community Services sure sounds like it's a violation of both the US Constitution and Arizona Constitution which both forbid mixing government and religion.

Buckeye gives $42K to 7 non-profits

David Madrid , The Republic | 7:19 a.m. MST October 16, 2014

What the city did: The Buckeye City Council approved donations to seven non-profit organizations.

What it cost: $42,000.

Why the city did it: Once a year, the city donates money to non-profits that help residents. The organizations and their awards are: All Faith Community Services, $12,000; Buckeye Lions Foundation Inc., $2,500; Buckeye Valley Historical Society, $3,000; Daughters of the American Revolution, $7,000; Homeless Youth Connection, $5,000; Southwest Lending Closet, $5,000; and Youth4Youth, $7,500.