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Reactions to same-sex marriage in Arizona

Oct 19, 2014

Arizona Republic

In this article we get the reactions of homophobic Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and homophobic Cathi Herrod, who runs the Center for Arizona Policy to legalized gay marriage in Arizona.

Reactions to same-sex marriage in Arizona

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Rebekah L. Sanders, The Republic | 10:17 p.m. MST October 17, 2014

Arizona's political and religious leaders reacted to Friday's ruling legalizing gay marriage in the state with a flurry of press releases, comments and tweets. A sampling:

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer:

"The federal courts have again thwarted the will of the people and further eroded the authority of states to regulate and uphold our laws."

Doug Ducey, Republican candidate for governor:

"Attorney General (Tom) Horne made the right decision regarding an appeal. I accept the determination of the courts and will honor their decision."

Fred DuVal, Democratic candidate for governor:

"As Americans, our civil rights must never be denied. As Arizonans, we believe that liberty is a cause worth fighting for. This ruling sends an emphatic message that no one should be treated differently under the law because of who they are or who they love."

U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz.:

"History shows how freedoms and rights that are not extended to everyone are not secure for anyone. The push for marriage equality across America is an acknowledgment of that fact, and I am glad that Arizona is on the right side of history on this issue."

Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy and a traditional-marriage advocate:

"Today, we grieve. We grieve for the children who now have no chance of growing up with a mom and a dad. We mourn the loss of a culture and its ethical foundation. We mourn a culture that continues to turn its back on timeless principles."

Democratic state Sen. Steve Gallardo, who announced earlier this year that he is gay:

"Today's historic decision is a victory for equality and for love in Arizona ... but there is much more to be done before we attain true equality under Arizona law."

Democratic state Rep. Demion Clinco, the only openly gay member of the Arizona House:

"This is an amazing day for Arizona and for love. It's a moment to embrace equality and an opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness."

Arizona's political and religious leaders reacted to Friday's ruling legalizing gay marriage in the state with a flurry of press releases, comments and tweets. A sampling:

Terry Goddard, Democratic candidate for secretary of state:

"Today is a recognition that basic fairness trumps short-term political interests and crass attempts to divide our state."

State Sen. Michele Reagan, Republican candidate for secretary of state:

"I applaud Attorney General (Tom) Horne's decision not to appeal the 9th Circuit's ruling. Doing so would be a waste of time, energy and taxpayer money."

Mark Brnovich, Republican candidate for attorney general:

"State and local officials now have an obligation to put aside politics and personal feelings and uphold the law, in accordance with the court's decision."

Felecia Rotellini, Democratic candidate for attorney general:

"I have friends who are down at the clerk of court right now, waiting for the doors to open so they can issue those licenses. (Horne) made the right decision for the people of Arizona."

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.:

"I think it's a recognition of reality, and I regret it, because I believe that Arizonans should decide on these issues themselves. But I understand the reality."

U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., the first openly bisexual member of Congress:

"I see a lot of wedding invitations in my future. #LoveIsLove."