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If voting principles is dumb, I'm a proud dumbo

Oct 31, 2014

Arizona Republic

Despite the fact that in American it is illegal to mix religion and government, the Christian nut jobs seem to have taken over the Republican party and many of them would love to use the Republican Party to turn America into a Christian Theocracy.

To many of these Christians, "freedom of religion" to them means freedom to use the government to force their Christian religion and values on others.

If you ask me religion belongs in the private sector, not government.

If voting principles is dumb, I'm a proud dumbo

Ken Williams 7:25 a.m. MST October 31, 2014

In response to "Only dummies vote a straight party ticket" (Opinions, Thursday):

The letter writer wonders whether a Democrat or Republican will be "dumb enough" to vote a straight party ticket. Answer: Yes.

I vote a straight GOP ticket. Because of party loyalty? No. For two reasons: The Republican ideology most closely approaches my Christian values; and core Democrat policies offend my religious sensibilities. It's as simple as that.

There's one notable exception, though. If a Republican has behaved in an unethical manner, I won't vote for her or him. For example, certain losing candidates in the recent GOP primary election.

Does voting my principles make me a dummy? If so, just call me dumbo.

Ken Williams
Goodyear, Arizona