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AG Mark Brnovich wants to send people to prison for looking at dirty pictures!!!

Jan 10, 2015

Arizona Republic

Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants to send people to prison for looking at dirty pictures!!!

AG Attorney General Mark Brnovich makes it sound like he wants to stop children from being raped and molested!!!!

That's a lie. In Arizona the crime of "sexual exploitation of a minor" has nothing to do with raping children, but is a code word for putting people in prison who look at dirty pictures of children.

Most of the people arrested for the crime of "sexual exploitation of a minor" are entrapped by cops who surf the internet offering people these "dirty pictures" of children. And of course when somebody takes them up on their offer of dirty pictures they are arrested and sent to prison.

I suspect most of the $4.5 million annually that AG Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants to use to arrest people who look at dirty pictures will be spent on hiring more cops to surf the internet offering people dirty pictures hoping to entrap them.

If you ask me we don't need to spend $4.5 million annually tricking people into looking at dirty pictures so we can waste more tax dollars sending them to prison for the victimless crime of looking at dirty pictures.

AG calls for more funding on heels of child-porn case

Justin Price, The Republic | 5:55 p.m. MST January 9, 2015

A Phoenix man convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor was sentenced this week to 12 years in prison for sharing hundreds of pornographic files, prompting politicians to seize on the case in a call for increased funding in child-porn investigations.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the prosecution of Donald J. Turk is an example of the types of cases he hopes to pursue through partnerships with investigators and legislators, including one who has proposed a bill that would give the Attorney General's Office more funding for the cause.

Turk was arrested in April, when Maricopa County sheriff's officials executed a search warrant at his home and found 644 files of child pornography, according to court records.

The files included pictures and videos of adults having sex with girls as young has 3 years old, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Turk admitted to downloading the files by accessing his neighbor's wireless router to avoid detection.

Turk, a 33-year-old grocery clerk, lived with his parents and told officials at the time of his arrest that he was glad he was "never left alone with his nieces," according to the Sheriff's Office.

On Wednesday, Turk was sentenced to 12 years in prison and was placed on lifetime probation with sex and computer-usage terms. He will also have to register as a sex offender after his prison sentence.

Arizona Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, proposed legislation that would supply the Attorney General's Office with $4.5 million annually to contribute to the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Another $500,000 would be designated to victims' services. The cost would be paid by revenue from the Arizona Lottery, Boyer said.

"Unfortunately, we have scarcity in our resources," Brnovich said.

The task force is currently made up of roughly four investigators from city, county and state agencies.

Boyer's bill asks for 11 more investigators and three forensic examiners. Phoenix Police Sgt. Jerry Barker said the additional investigators would help in combating the thousands of IP addresses in Arizona that have engaged in child sexual exploitation.

And subsequently, many children are being victimized, Barker said.

"They're being perpetrated on by the devil," Barker said." That's who we're dealing with."