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Church State Issues

David Gowan R-Sierra Vista, Arizona is a Christian theocracy that is based on the Bible.???

Jan 11, 2015

Arizona Republic

According to David Gowan R-Sierra Vista, Arizona is a Christian theocracy that is based on the Bible.

He didn't say it exactly that way but I am sure that is what he meant.

I am 100% sure that David Gowan knows that both the Arizona Constitution and the US Constitution forbid mixing religion and govenrment but I suspect he could care less.

Insider: House lounge reading limited to Bible

Political Insider

Mary Jo Pitzl and Alia Beard Rau, The Republic | 9:01 p.m. MST January 10, 2015

In the beginning was one sacred text … The members' lounge in the House of Representatives is a comfy, softly lit retreat that just makes you want to curl up in one of the leather chairs and read a book. But the only tome around these days is not a copy of the state Constitution, not even Arizona Revised Statutes, but the Holy Bible. It's opened to the Book of Proverbs and sits beneath a portrait of soon-to-be-former House Speaker Andy Tobin.

Although longtime lawmakers say the Bible has always been there, it was news to David Gowan, Tobin's successor. But he doesn't have any issue with having a religious text in the House. "I'm a Christian man," said Gowan, R-Sierra Vista. Plus, he noted, the country was founded on principles in the Bible.

As for the Koran, or the Torah, or other sacred text? Gowan hadn't received any requests. But here's betting there will be one or more once word gets out.