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Church State Issues

No photos allowed in the US Congress???

Jan 11, 2015

Washington Post

No photos allowed in the US Congress???

Congress - Screw that 1st Amendment thingy!!!!

I also have a problem with Rep. Mike Bishop (R-Mich.) calling the US Congress a

"temple of democracy"
In reality the US Congress is nothing more then the worlds largest den of thieves!!!!

I would love to call them a bunch of morons but that would be a lie. The crooks in the US Congress are some of the smartest and most successful thieves in the world and have stolen something like $18 trillion for themselves and the special interest groups that helped get them into power.

A freshman’s first mistake: No photos allowed!

By Colby Itkowitz January 9

Just two days after being sworn in, Rep. Mike Bishop (R-Mich.) made his first freshman mistake – violating a House rule and then promptly getting called out publicly for it on Twitter.

The newbie was given the chance to preside over the House on Thursday, and in all the excitement, whipped out his iPhone to capture the memory. He then tweeted two shots of the empty House chamber, calling it the “temple of democracy.” Photography on the chamber floor is a big no-no.

After Bishop was informed of the rules on Twitter by NBC reporter Frank Thorp V he deleted his photos.