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10 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures???

Jan 23, 2015

Arizona Republic

10 years in prison for looking at dirty pictures??? Who says America isn't a Christian theocracy.

Also the Arizona law of "sexual exploitation of a minor" is a very misleading term. It sounds like "raping a minor", but it isn't. It's just a politically correct way of making the crime of "looking at dirty pictures" sound really, really bad.

It is really a wise use of our tax dollars to spend $50,000 a year to put people in prison for looking at dirty pictures.

Phoenix man sentenced to 10 years for child pornography

Liz Nichols, The Republic | 1:14 p.m. MST January 23, 2015

A judge sentenced a Phoenix man to 10 years in prison plus two lifetime probation terms for his possession of thousands of images depicting child pornography.

Christopher Jurgens, 48, stood before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dean Fink on Friday prison stripes, hand cuffs and feet cuffs after previously pleading guilty to three counts of attempt to commit sexual exploitation of a minor.

Jurgens, who has been in jail for 22 months since his arrest, told Fink during the hearing that he was resolved to stay out of custody after his sentence is served.

"What I want to make sure that happens is that this isn't a revolving door situation," Jurgens said. "If that happens then all this is a waste of time."

After the prison sentence is served, Jurgens' lifetime probation terms limit him to restricted computer usage and no drugs or alcohol. He will be required to register as a sex offender and pay over $1,050 in court fees and fines.

"I'd like to apologize for what I did and especially to the victims," Jurgens said before the judge. "I don't know them...but I do know that whoever they are, they suffered."

Fink acknowledged the letters written by family and friends on Jurgens' behalf and wished Jurgens good luck in staying out of trouble upon his discharge. Both Jurgens' mother and his mother's husband were present for the sentencing.

Jurgens was arrested on March 21, 2013 after detectives from the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force found thousands of images of child pornography in his home near Van Buren and 32nd streets after tracking his IP address. The images were compiled on a laptop and external hard drives, according to Maricopa County Superior Court documents.

Police said Jurgens admitted that he has collected the pornographic images since 1998.